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Zachary Klomberg

The curious absence of professional oversight betrays the conspiracy of the Bloomfield Police Department in trafficking a child sex toy for the state paedo ring of Connecticut. Meet Detective Zachary Klomberg, a child rapist in police clothing who follows direction from above to recover a sex toy on behalf of lies made by the nefarious Matthew Couloute of Georgia.

Detective Klomberg’s claim to professionalism is all things bullshit. He is accountable this, manages that, critical thinker, bullshit artist, traffic cop, patrol supervisor, accreditation this, certified that, intelligence this, evidence that, he is 100% walking bullshit with a badge, a gun, and an attitude. But he is just a jew from Westport, who is little more than a foot soldier to the state paedo ring, the muscle to protect the deviant, a danger to children, and a threat to society. A pair of concrete shoes and a deep spot in Hartford Reservoir awaits.

Klomberg reviewed and approved all the fabricated work of Officer Brendan Danaher in the game to recover Sofi Couloute from out of state by complaint of Matthew Couloute in Georgia. Klomberg was the rubber stamp to add legitimacy to a false criminal complaint. Or as Klomberg puts it:  “preparing high quality files for submission to the State’s Attorney”. In simple terms, Klomberg fabricates evidence, makes up stories, lies thru his teeth, commits perjury, and does what his paedo masters instruct. Klomberg was well aware that the complaint by Couloute was total fabrication. Klomberg was aware that Couloute was not a resident of Bloomfield. Klomberg was aware that Couloute’s expired Connecticut driver’s license showed a Fairfield address. Klomberg was aware that Georgia had issued Couloute a license with an address in Cumming. Klomberg was aware that no probable cause existed to arrest a battered mother in safe haven in another state by act of Connecticut. Klomberg acted to traffic a child sex toy across state lines by order of the ring. Klomberg is a child predator, deserving of all things painful.

Klomberg owes his extensive knowledge of criminal law to his twenty-two weeks at the police academy. Note that hairdressers require more training than the thin blue thugs. Klomberg ignores the fact that custodial interference cannot be committed by a custodian. He forgets that the jurisdiction of Bloomfield PD does not extend to Georgia; that Georgia residents make criminal complaints to law enforcement agencies in Georgia, not Connecticut. But this is Paedoville and Klomberg has orders from the ring, arrest the mother across state lines, force her to surrender the child to a resident of Georgia, set a high bail amount, don’t fuck up, the judges want this done, asap. Officer Danaher and Sergeant Klomberg are a tag team tasked with sex toy recovery.

The people of Bloomfield may take note that their town council and town manager, Robert E. Smith conspire to support such deviant conduct of their local police department under the paedo leadership of Chief Paul Hammick, who will be recognized for building collaborative teams, promoting accountability, and fostering a positive image of police services and personnel while attempting to walk the bottom of Hartford Reservoir in concrete shoes.

When the courts no longer provide a remedy to injustice, where the criminal justice system becomes criminal, while children are preyed upon by sexual deviants, the people’s recourse becomes violence, in a most righteous and horrific manner. The behaviour of Danaher, Klomberg, and Hammick cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. New shoes for all.

Remedy for child traffickers, concrete shoes at bottom of Hartford Reservoir
Zachary Klomberg, Bloomfield child trafficker, deviant thug, muscle of state paedo ring.
Remedy for Connecticut paedophiles of the thin blue line.