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Deichert d’Douche

Assistant Attorney General and child trafficker Robert Deichert, limp-dick husband to Poor Renee and pathetic father figure to Ellie and Rose, stepped upon the public stage today on behalf of Connecticut to claim that the Superior Court does not have subject matter jurisdiction to protect children being abused by the jews of the family court system. Oi vey, Deichert is one total douche bag, a total waste of his ridiculous state salary ($132k). A terrorist in pedophile disguise.

With Willy Tong’s dried cum on his lips, Deichert demanded a month delay to prepare a motion to dismiss, claiming court’s lack of subject matter jurisdiction to issue injunctive relief. He further claimed that the jurisdictional attack required study of all entries in the associated divorce case. Talk about bullshit, Deichert is making up stories to insure denial of access to the court. The Attorney General is claiming that the little people cannot exercise access rights under State Constitution Article First §10, for use of their own courts. People are not sovereign in Corrupticut, they are prisoners in the gulag, subject to the whims of their jewish pedophile overseers. So exactly why does the Deichert/Tong duo believe that the Superior Court is not the sole court of original jurisdiction? Did they not read the Constitution? Too busy fucking little boys to study the law? What gives when a clown like Deichert can effectively lie in court? Pursuit of a meritless, frivolous claim designed to obstruct and delay having no basis in law is a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers. Where do the little people go for protection from the corrupt pedo players, the DMV? As the court is the civilized forum for redress under the First Amendment, is Dick Sucking Deichert arguing against the Bill of Rights with tax dollars at the direction of Mao Se Tung’s clone, Willy Tong? Connecticut’s communist chink arguing against the First Amendment on behalf of the state. Let that sink in. If Tong defeats the use of the courts for redress of grievances under the First, does he beg resolution under the Second Amendment? Is Tong inciting eminent lawless action? Inciting a free people to violence to take back the government of the people, for the people, by the people? Does Tong beg a .50 cal to the head, engraved with state and federal Constitutions?

What went down today in Superior Court before Judge James T. Graham was treason by the State. Old fart Graham was too stupid and senile to stand up to the ploy, in all likelihood he was in on the scam. He had no cause to entertain frivolous claim against the power of the court to hear matters, make decisions on injunctive relief, and uphold the rule of law. Just the left hand of tyranny washing the right. Perhaps it was just Graham’s subtle way of inviting an oppressed people to burn his corrupt courthouse to the ground? It is not a matter of law, the public can only speculate as to the sinister conspiracy in which the court bows, allowing itself to be attacked by the Attorney General for being the people’s forum for access to justice without sale, denial, or delay.

Perhaps Deichert is a customer of online Barbershops run by Christopher Ambrose? Appreciation for teenage latino boys? Part of a state ring of pedophilia? Deichert certainly fits the deviant profile. But the now famous blog must ask Elizabeth Tong and Renee Deichert why they sleep with men who fail to protect children? Why didn’t Tong and Deichert just agree to the requested injunctive relief? Why these two women have sex with men who rape kids? Time to examine the far reaching pedo net of Connecticut. Elizabeth and Renee are child abusers, their kids victims of daddy monsters who promote deviancy and child trafficking. To think that these two women suck dick that was in a little boy’s butt and act as wives to monsters.

Tyrants walk among us. Keep powder dry and plenty of .308 ball at the ready, terrorist wear black robes and have titles of Attorney General. Connecticut, where screams of children cannot be heard.

Chink Tong, a family to be ashamed of, children of the state harmed by communist chinaman.
Deichert family, does not give a shit about little people, children, or law.
Assistant AG Deichert d’Douche argues against First Amendment on tax payers’ dime. Sucks Tong’s dick.