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Annie: Mother Of The Year

Happy New Year to all. Another year has passed where the jews of family court across the nation have wreaked destruction on gentile children to support zionism and to enrich satan’s foot soldiers of the family Bar.

In reflecting on the evil dynamics of family court and the miscreants who run it, the notorious Judge Annie Dranginis gets the spotlight. An evil jew bitch on wheels, headed the Connecticut Family Court in 1994 and has been trafficking children and protecting pedophiles ever since. She was quite hated by anyone who had the misfortune of landing in her courtroom. A self-appointed chosen one who knew what was best for your kids.

Well surprise, surprise! Knowing so much about the best interests of other people’s kids, Annie could not attend to her own. Only thing worse than being a child in Annie’s court was to be a child of Annie. Being a child of Annie is a permanent affliction which her daughter Charlotte terminated this past June. Pretty telling of the evil that lurks in family court when the black robed elite, charged with determining best interests of children, can’t seem to take care of their own. Charlotte committed suicide, artfully blamed on craving for opioids, a cover story for that fact that the underlying affliction was that Annie Dranginis was her mother.

Time to reflect on the monsters of Connecticut Family Court, their Zionistic agenda, Satan’s evil, all on the taxpayer’s dime without a shred of Christian discretion to be found.

The Judge will judge you, but can’t take care of her own.
Scary to realize that the judge who judges you cannot help her own daughter. Annie Dranginis’ daughter Charlotte committed suicide 29 June 2018.