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Call To Arms!

The sovereign people of Connecticut are called to arms by tyranny of their own government. Mothers seeking redress of grievances for the protection of their children are to be barred from the court by claim of Reneé Deichert’s deviant husband Robert. Pedo daddy Robert filed the State’s claim that mothers should not be able to use the court to plead for relief against unscrupulous state actors who rape children for profit. The court being the alternative to violence, the State of Connecticut wants violence! A call to arms! Crosses burn in the Highlands. The government has thrown the gauntlet, there will be no civilized court review of the abuse of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. The word is out. Protection of children from deviant state players now rests in mob rule, the retort of a rifle, the burning of property, the assassination of the abusers, not a court. When redress is denied, revolt rises, which is just what Elizabeth Tong’s bed buddy and fuckstick has put on the street today.

The insane State filing can be read here. Reneé’s fuckbuddy Robert the perv, claims that the court cannot take up the matter of abuse of three children brought by their mom. Mothers are prohibited from pleading review of incompetent actions of state employees. That the redress clause of the First Amendment is now suspended in Corrupticut when it comes to state players abusing children. Did Robert just admit that he and Willy Tong play for the dark side? Acting as the state’s lawyer, these two fucksticks argue that the court lacks power to hear a grievance of a mother whose children are being harmed by culpable state employees. Is this for real? C’mon, why does the Attorney General care what the court reviews? Unless Tong and Deichert and their deviant wives are hiding something?

Pedo protecting Governor Ned Lamont has approved the AG’s filing, his position is clear, mothers will not be allowed to complain to the court when Executive Branch fails to protect children. His cock sucking, ball licking, hose bag wife Annie agrees with this position as well … she keeps fucking him. Their kids Teddy, Emily, and Lindsay are so proud of their parents! Ned stands behind the inactions of sheboon Commissioner Vannessa Durante, who refuses to protect children from the ravages of the state’s insatiable appetite of pedophilia.

Watch for a burning property! Courthouses, since they can’t be used to protect kids. Governor’s mansion, who needs a governor of a pedo state anyway. Tong’s neighborhood, Deichert’s neighborhood, soon to have bonfires, as locals don’t want child predators living among them. Tar and feathers on the wives and children of Lamont, Tong, and Deichert, to wipe the seed of evil from the earth. Fire up an industrial woodchipper, as several state employees are in need of reycycling (feet first).

Tong sez the court is off limits … dry powder and true shot he begs.

State endorsed child predator eliminator. Tong and Deichert do not want to use the courts.