Judicial Kickbacks

Do NFL referees give a shit about player salaries?  Of course not.  Refs are professionals.  On the field to enforce the rules and call touchdowns in full view of the fans, subject to the scrutiny of instant replay.

So why should Judges Annie Dranginis, Lynda Munro or Herbert ‘Pedo’ Gruendel care what GALs get paid in Family Court?  Why should public officials advocate for more money to the corrupt GAL players?  Lawyers in black robes working to overly compensate lawyers in suits.  There is no purpose of judicial office to jack up lawyer fees.  The only interest that a judge would have to put more money in a GAL pocket is if there is a kickback to the judge.  Here we find the evidence hiding in plain sight that the judges of Family Court are racketeers, conspiring with lawyers to fleece every family that foolishly walks through the door.  Welcome to Corrupticut.

Let’s go back to 2002 when rich white boy Tom Foley teamed up with the evil Annie Dranginis to chair Governor Rowland’s Commission to Fleece Connecticut Families.  The scam was simple: assemble a gaggle of insiders, pretend to be professional, issue recommendations, up the $$ take in family court.  Judges, lawyers, vendors, therapists, counselors, pedophiles, all laid out a road map to suck all the money possible out of unsuspecting families, all with Governor Rowland’s blessings.

The scam worked perfectly.  The biggest thrust of the new scam was to use more expensive private players in family court and make the parents pay with every penny of college savings, retirement accounts and even home equity.  Number one issue was to up the compensation of the court appointed Guardian Ad Litems.  See page 16 of the report.

“Ensure better compensation for Guardian Ad Litems.”

The smoking gun of the judge/GAL conspiracy to fleece parents and harm children.  All about money.  Needless to say, the judges are getting a piece of this improved compensation.  But don’t stop at lawyers, the shrinks wanted their pound of flesh from the den of thievery.  Nefarious jewish psychologists like Sydney Horowitz, Ken Robson, Nancy Humphreys, Jerry Brodlie, Marsha Kline-Pruett and her hubby Kyle were all assigned to push the need for private sector services as a monetary hurdle to get divorced in Connecticut.  Not a matter of law, just a matter of money.

It is obvious that the kickbacks come from the GALs to the judges.  No parent has been put in jail for not paying the shrink or other bottom tier vendor.  Don’t pay the GAL; go to the slammer….judges don’t like waiting for their tax free slice of the pie.

Conflict generates the most fees and that was the focus of Judge Dranginis and Judge Munro.  The Commission had a ‘high conflict’ (a.k.a. ‘high revenue’) subcommittee to examine how the mafia could inflame affluent parents to fatten the wallets of the players.  The duty of the GAL was to jack up the case, incite conflict, bring in vendors, drag out litigation, generate billable hours for all, which directly enriched the GAL, the lawyers and of course the judge.

Let’s take a look at the players on ‘High Conflict Subcommittee’.  Oh, look, chaired by the Annie’s little sister, the evil Judge Lynda Munro, the high conflict, high fees witch herself.  Then comes her pal Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D., the two were joined at the wallet.  The list runs on, more court whores doing anything to make a buck; lawyers, clingons, shrinks, pedophiles.  But towards the bottom is our dear friend, evil monster, child trafficker and judicial nominee, BARRY ARMATA.  See how the racket is played?  Scum Boy Barry is programmed to continue the racketeering operation which is the backbone of Family Court.

Scared to enter Family Court?  You should be fucking terrified.  Fifteen years ago the plan was put in place to rig the court to clean out family saving accounts and spread the wealth to the racketeers.  Face it people, the court is there to fuck your wallet and your kids.  The paper trail is a list of who’s who of the Connecticut Pedo Utopia.

Now connect the dots from Judge Dranginis and Judge Munro through the GAL scam to Barry Armata and ask yourself why Governor Malloy has nominated this scumbag to the bench.  Got the picture?  Pedophiles need trusted lawyers to be trusted judges to traffick the kids and steal the money.

High Conflict Subcommittee: (2002)
Judge Lynda B. Munro (Chair)
Sidney Horowitz, Ph.D.
Pat D’Angelo
Robert Tompkins, M.A.
Marsha Kline-Pruett, Ph.D.
Phyllis Cummings-Texeira, MSW
Stephen Grant, M.A.
Judge Herbert Gruendel 
Honorable Jim Abrams
Deborah Grover, Esq.
Sheila Horvitz, Esq.
Tom Collin, Esq.
Don Hiebel, Ph.D.
Professor Carolyn Kaas
Dr. Kyle D. Pruett
Barbara Tinney
Barry Armata, Esq.
Debra Ruel, Esq.
Shirley Pripstein, Esq.