Jennifer Bright

Time to spotlight another female monster who supports child abuse by her loving husband, Justice William H. Bright, Jr. of the Connecticut Appellate Court. Jennifer Bright is one of those beaten abused women who are at the mercy of monster husbands who find child abuse particularly satisfying. Jennifer will soon be kicked out of the mothers club of Columbia for her support of child predators and mother-haters in black robes.

The sovereign people of Connecticut hold right to scrutiny of public matters, especially when it comes to child abuse by state employees. Jennifer and William Bright both work for the state. William sits in supervision over the evil monsters (jews) of family court who isolate children from mothers absent state interest. William does nothing. William actually encourages the predatory conduct of judges like Emons, Adelman, Grossman, Ficeto, Wetstone and Coleman. Raping childhood in the name of legal fees is what William Bright supports. But the now-famous blog looks at the female monster who sleeps in the judge’s bed, a whacked out bitch named Jennifer Bright.

Why would Jennifer suck William’s dick, knowing that he allows jews like Adelman and Grossman to isolate children from their mothers? Has Jennifer been fucked so hard and put away wet that her mind is gone? She cannot recognize a monster in her own bed? A man so full of hate as to take children away from the their mothers? William Bright is a special kind of jew monster. Sitting as chief of the appellate court, Judge Bright holds power to take any case away from predatory judges like Adelman, Grossman, Ficeto, Coleman, Schofield and the rest of the jewish family court mafia. A stroke of the pen, he can order any trial court judge to cease & desist in child abuse, end forced isolation of children, where the state holds no interest. But he won’t do that. He and his nigger boss CJ Robinson love to watch mothers suffer at the whim of jews in the family court, while both masturbating to the sounds of child screams.

Jennifer is a failure as a mother and as a human … jewish roots?

But what is it with Jennifer Bright that keeps her riding William’s pedo cock? Fulfilling his constant need for anal penetration? Is she proud that her husband abuses mothers and children? Is Jennifer a pedophile as well? Are these two just players in the state pedo ring, running the Columbia chapter? The public has cause to question Jennifer’s involvement in what is state sponsored child abuse run out of the judiciary. Is she into child rape like Annie Lamont, Nancy Robinson, Elizabeth Tong, Reneé Deichert? The public is starting to see a pattern here.

Why do these women sleep with jewdicial monsters who rape childhoods, destroy mothers, relish in familial destruction? Does it help Jennifer achieve orgasm to know she is being fucked by a child rapist? Is she that demented? Is she proud to swallow William’s jiz, when he is not pumping it into children? The psychosis of government employees and their love for pedophilia is apparent, the wives are even more frightening. A grave matter of public concern, contrary to public policy and human decency. How many heads can a .50 cal hit at once?

Monsters among us.

Judge William Bright Jr. pedophile and mother hater. Luvs to fuck over children.