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Poor Renee

Blog condolences go out to Renee Deichert and her two daughters of Tolland, who will soon bear the public embarrassment of having hubby/daddy Robert J. Deichert appear in court to defend the child traffickers of Connecticut Family Court for state sponsored child abuse. Legal miscreant Robert Deichert is a worthless excuse of a lawyer in the employ of child predator Attorney General Willy Tong. Deichert pockets a large state paycheck ($132k) to defend the child rapists of the family court system. His poor girls and their besties will soon be in shock to learn daddy will take the public stage on 23 September in the big Hartford Courthouse before Judge Taylor to defend state employees who are child predators. Daughters Ellie and Abby Rose will hide in horror knowing that their father defends child rapists in defiance of the will of a sovereign people. Mother Renee will be the mockery of the neighborhood on Fox Ridge Lane in Tolland. The misery brought on by the charlatans of family court and state actors who fail to protect children will have the face of Robert Deichert. The hearing is at 11am on 23 September, live video feed is available from the court website. Link. Robert Deichert will be famous, the Deichert family and all their friends will be ashamed!!

AG Tong deploys his flying monkeys to uphold the vile state pastime of pederasty, child trafficking, destruction of childhoods, all at the discretion of jews in black robes who have placed their powers above the law by talmudic ‘discretionary’ rulings. Robert Deichert now represents the child abuse promoted by the Governor Ned Lamont, State Police Colonel Stavros Mellekas, blackness Natasha Pierre, Hakima Bey-Coon, Vannessa Dorantes, so called child advocate Sarah Healy Eagan, and the evil Patrick Carroll. AG William Tong will hide in the shadows under the protection of the state pedophile ring, while threats are made in back rooms to any judge who might upset the child rape game of family court.

Ellie and Abby will hide in shame knowing that daddy Deichert is defending state sponsored abuse of Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer, imprisoned by homo pedo father Christopher Ambrose by order of jew judges Grossman and Adelman, while jew lawyers drain the family bank at a rate of over $1,000/hr. These abused children are plaintiffs in the suit, who daddy Deichert will attack in the name of child rape. See the case detail here. Deichert will soil his family name by attacking the cries of abused children, at the direction of his state pedo masters.

The Deichert family will not be proud of what daddy is going to do to three young kids fighting against a system designed to destroy childhood in the name of billable hours, jewdicial discretion, and sexual deviancy. Renee might even get kicked out of the Tolland garden club for sleeping in the same bed as a child predator like Robert. Needless to say, the Attorney General’s office would not provide any comment on Robert Deichert’s forthcoming attack against the children. When will Renee, Ellie, and Abby recognize the evil that lurks in their household?

If Robert Deichert were not under the control of Satan’s pals, he would concede the case and agree to the injunction for the protection of the children who are victims of state evils. But, it appears Deichert is just another child predator on the state payroll to protect perverted and deviant state actors. Perhaps Deichert places orders in online Barbershops run by Christopher Ambrose and has a deviant attraction to latino boys with short hair? Ask Mrs. Deichert?

Tune in next week to watch Robert Deichert in full public view showing how little he cares about children.

Deichert family, does not care about your family or other children who are victims of state abuse.
Dickhead Deichert