The lawyers who practice the dark art form of family law, preying on children, before deviant judicial authorities, play nasty tricks on ‘we the people’ by creating fact from fiction, passed by whispers, until it is spoken to the judge to create a basis for illegal orders. Let’s examine how misinformation is created in the star chamber of Waterbury JD, the court of Judge Anna Ficeto.

Early on in the life of the now famous blog, there was much angst over what is simply public information, discussed in an internet medium, having very little public attention. Embarrassed attorneys and law enforcement sought to silence blog expression, claiming criminal conduct for criticism of court shenanigans. Court players became instant experts on what a blog could not discuss, the internet became a threat to judicial authority. Matthew Couloute was one of the first blog stars, a distinction earned for his abuse of his own daughter. Couloute’s fame was followed by William Grohs for his exploits in funding protracted post judgement litigation six years after he made his own agreement to get divorced from his second wife. William had money which funded an insane drama in Waterbury, JD. Couloute reached out to Grohs, the two became friends, bonded in common cause of manly mother hating. Couloute was hell bent on using his black powers to obliterate the despicable blog from the internet. Couloute was convinced in his own delusional mind that he knew the identity of the evil blog author(s) and would unleash his personal censorship authority on the Republic, despite whatever the First Amendment said, after all, Couloute is a lawyer with a suspended license.

Couloute gives Grohs a name. Grohs tells his dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano the identity of the dark hand behind the blog. Fasano can’t do anything as it is hearsay at best, no facts, no evidence, just the word of a dumb blithering nigger, with a suspended law license, from Georgia. Grohs was furious. Who could rat out d’blog to the court? The GAL of course! So Grohs, Fasano, and GAL Mary Brigham got together and hatched a plan. Fasano would plead that the evil blog was harming the children, point the finger at mother for disclosing public information to blog writers, claim mom was evil and that the court should take the kids away to punish mother. But Fasano could not name names about the blog, his insurance company would never cover the intentional malpractice. But the GAL has immunity! So it became Mary Brigham’s job to blurt out a name in front of Judge Ficeto to blame for free expression on the internet. Judge Ficeto swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker. Without any sworn testimony, no evidence before the court, just the whisper of the GAL, the court had identified the evil source of the blog. An amazing feat! No search warrants, no testimony, no oaths, no cross examination, no rules of evidence, Ficeto just pulled it out of her ass that whatever Mary Brigham told the court was the truth. Now Judge Ficeto could blame mother for the existence of the internet and the First Amendment. Bias & Prejudice galore!!! Canon violated!

Little technical problem is that Matthew Couloute does not know who writes the blog. Of the various contributors to the blog, editors deal with pseudonyms. So how does this dumb nigger from Cumming know so much? Why did Fasano and Brigham rely on Couloute’s claim. Why the fuss over public information, played out on a public stage, in full public view? The venomous urges of Judge Ficeto just could not be restrained, she had to bring down the wrath of her jewish court upon the goy who dare criticize the jewish masters of family court. The repeated word of the southern titsoon did the trick. She does not want two little girls reading that their childhoods are being destroyed because William Grohs suffers from a mother hating psychosis, which combined with an oversized wallet made him the funding source for great drama in Waterbury Family Court … all about money. Two childhoods sacrificed for a few shekels of lawyer feed. The classic American tragedy, money. The usual suspects: jews.

The blog knocks on the door of GAL Mary Brigham to ask: Did you lie to the court? Did you have any first hand knowledge of who wrote what, about whom, in the now famous blog? Are you yourself a blog star? Did you act with malice? Vengeance? Hatred? Mens rea? Are your lies in defamation of mother in the best interests of your wards? We all know the answers. Mary Brigham simply lied to the court. She is now running from karma, but cannot hide.

History buffs note that Mary Brigham made her blog debut in May ’17, in Cancerous Mary Brigham. Dumb nigger Mathew Couloute a month before in K9 Cop. By the time Judge Ficeto was played in August, Brigham and Couloute had a half a dozen blog posts each, Fasano another three, William Grohs several more. The State Police were working overtime to hunt free speech. The lawyer club was on the warpath! Free expression exposing family court players and their child victims would not be tolerated by the chosen and would be used to punish a mother using her own daughters! The jews will muzzle the goy! Mary Brigham simply lies to the court.

See the problem here? A court manipulated by attorneys to fabricate facts, to enable child trafficking. Lawyers will create a diversion of meritless, frivolous claims to feed the judicial authority a pack of lies to malign a mother and destroy childhood. A GAL, serving with immunity, committed fraud upon the court based on the lies of a titsoon in Georgia. But the cunt ain’t immune from karma … look out!

The blog notes with great humour that big fat Colonel Stavros Mellakas does not know the identity of the blog staff, nor does the Bloomfield Police Department, who actually admitted in federal court that the identities are not known, all they know is what Matthew Couloute told them. But amazingly Judge Ficeto has made a finding of fact in a court of law based on the sick mind delusions of a nigger in Georgia, whispered in her courtroom.

Couloute, Fasano, Brigham, and Ficeto need to get their stories straight before the federal Grand Jury convenes. Interstate, conspiracy to commit fraud … a nice ring to it!