What game does Connecticut play with the courts? On one hand the courts are open per state constitutional clause, the courts are public forums, federal Constitution provides public right to scrutiny protected in First Amendment, the nutmegers are a sovereign people, responsible for the proper functioning of the government of the people, by the people, and for the people. But there is a cadre of jewish child predators in black robes who act to hide court proceedings from the public. Why?

Of more interest, why do the family court judges seek to hide their proceedings primarily in cases involving lawyers, vendors, lots of money, and child predators? Perhaps this tip of the iceberg exposes family court as a child trafficking operation, fueled by legal fees and jewdicial kickbacks? Let’s examine the cesspool of Waterbury family court under the twisted rule of Judge Anna M. Ficeto of Wolcott. A ridiculous court case, six years post judgment, catches minor public attention brought on by the lecherous conduct of Attorney Michael Fasano, Marylouise Guiliano and GAL Mary Brigham. Papers are reviewed, court records examined, court experiences shared; vanilla public interest into government services. But then something strange happens in the forum. Emergency! Attorney Fasano makes claim that public discussion of court matters is harmful to children. What? The court that is vested with the ‘best interests’ of kids is at the same time harmful to children because the public takes an interest in pointless litigation, driven by lawyer greed, and supported by judges like Ficeto, Schofield, Cutsumpas? How many elements of the Rules of Professional Conduct did Dickhead Fasano violate? Incompetence? Integrity? Frivolity? Meritless claim? Undermining public confidence in judiciary? Fasano would plead that the sun rose in the west for his money bags client William Grohs, while wiping client cum off his lips. Anything for a billable hour. If the public stage is so harmful to the children, did Dickhead Fasano advise his client not to air his dirty laundry in court? Private mediation? NO! Of course not, Fasano wanted every dime he could squeeze out of his client, even if it meant unwanted publicity for two innocent girls. Fasano and his lecherous breed are societal parasites, preying on children, looting family savings. They all have some nasty karma coming their way.

Judge Ficeto, subject to judicial Canon, presides over a public forum, subject to scrutiny, upholds dickhead Fasano’s claim that public discussion of family court matters is harmful to the children … what? A system set up by the laws of a sovereign people has been ruled by Ficeto to be harmful to children. Read that again, slowly and let it sink in. Judge Ficeto has ruled that public scrutiny of family court is harmful to children. No evidence of harm was ever presented to Ficeto. She rules as a tyrant. Spews forth her ignorant opinions as orders from the bench, operates outside the law, while shredding the Constitution and all its pesky amendments. Ficeto is one dumb cunt, falsely entrusted with judicial duties.

Ficeto demonstrates her bias & prejudice by blaming a mother for the public interest in the misconduct of the court. Then Ficeto proceeds to malign the public for expression regarding Ficeto’s predatory child abuse, further blaming the mother for the public’s right to scrutiny of her court. See how Ficeto works? An old jewish form of censorship. Criticism, publicly expressed, will be used against the mother she hates based on the false complaint of the lawyers she adores. Why is Ficeto on the bench?

The big dumb nigger in black robe masquerading as Chief Justice of Connecticut sits in his chambers masturbating to the sound of judicial destruction of the First Amendment. This dumb fucker relishes in his obedience to his jewish masters. Destruction of childhood is the only source of income for the scum lawyers who practice in family court, the dumping grounds for legal incompetence, but the money is easy and nigger boy Richard Robinson does not give a shit about white kids from well-to-do families. The court is only harmful to children if the public is watching.

Just another sad example of the jewish mentality that runs family court. No law, no rights, nothing but child rape and looting to benefit scum licensed to practice law before idiots. Powder dry? Shot ready? Who will protect the Constitution from tyrants like Ficeto?