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State Interest?

Time to examine the absence of state interest in Connecticut Family Court and what is driving child isolation from gentile parents in the jewish cesspool of Corrupticut.

Face it folks, Connecticut is a state, a politic which poorly acts as an American institution of constitutional government. Its politics are focused on left wing financial thievery. It is the most indebted state in the Union on a per person basis. It chokes the lifeblood out of its citizens to finance a mafia organization designed solely to choke the lifeblood out of its citizens. Which begs the question, what interest does the state government hold in isolating a child from a parent under the guise of ‘family court’. We note this phenomenon time and again. It was the root cause of kicking Jane Emons off the bench. It is a hallmark of the family court that children get isolated from parents solely on the ‘discretion’ of a jewish judge. Remember that the sovereign people of Connecticut passed a law in 2005 requiring ‘active and consistent involvement’ of both parents in the lives of their children who are affected by divorce; CGS 46b-56(b). But the jew judges ignore this. Isolating children from a parent is devoid of context or theological purpose in a Christian society. Under federal law, such isolation is considered child abuse. Let’s take the example of Evie and Sophie Grohs, who have been isolated from their mother for over 18 months. Judge Anna Ficeto, the heretic Catholic, on the family bench at Waterbury, on 31 August 2017, did strip mother of custody, cut off all visitation for the pleading of jerk father William Grohs and his dickhead lawyer Michael Fasano. No reason was stated, no memo of decision issued, no citation of ‘change in circumstance’ to open judgment. Just a quick little stroke of Ficeto’s pen which has led to protracted litigation and no mother/daughter hugs in over a year and a half. Remember that William Grohs did divorce the mother of these two girls back in 2011, terms made by agreement. But William Grohs can’t keep his word let alone a contract, so he has been litigating his divorce for the last eight years to the joy of his lawyers who have bagged more than a quarter of a million dollars. His previous lawyer, Rosemarie Giuliano, had to bow out of the financial feast, as she knew William Grohs was lying in depositions and matters related to the case. But dickhead Fasano has no scruples and gladly takes the liar’s money, no questions asked. Ethics is suspended when Fasano needs cash. He is a penniless dickhead.

There is also a guardian ad litem involved in the case. Remember the GAL is that jewish invention designed to promote conflict and create excessive billable hours for all attorneys and vendors involved. Money is the game of family court. The GAL for Sophie and Evie is the notorious cancer cunt, pretend to be Catholic and dirty inside player, Mary Brigham. Brigham is associated with every divorce case involving children out of Waterbury where there is excessive post judgment litigation, where she was appointed GAL from the start. Meaning her game is to ride a case through divorce, then create conflict after divorce to drag it back to court for more billable hours. Rather amazing that so many of her cases end up at RFTD. Brigham is also the cunt who tried to kidnap a little boy name Wyatt Tittle, forcibly dragging the kid kicking and screaming, by the arm to her Jeep SUV telling him she was taking him for ice cream. The kid broke free, ran away, hiding in the bushes until Brigham left mom’s house. Attempted kidnapping is a felony. But when Judge Munro was informed of the criminal conduct of Brigham, it was brushed off as duty of the GAL to drag kids around by the arm. Kidnapping is just part of jew Judge Solomon’s design of family court.

Mary ‘cancer cunt’ Brigham has done nothing to help little Evie and Sophie. Brigham is happily billing away making a killing off of money bags, aviation insurance broker, William Grohs. Customers of William J. Grohs Aviation, Inc. are financing child abuse through the madman. If the state is not appearing, why does the GAL not ‘recommend’ the statutory active and consistent visitation for her wards? Is that not the $350/hr duty of the GAL? The state is not arguing to isolate children from mother in violation of state law, why is the court doing this? No state interest.

A funny thing happened on this case, after Ficeto did her illegal act of separating the girls from mom and the entire maternal side of the family, the case mysteriously moved to the evil star chamber known as Regional Family Trial Docket without an order by a judge. RFTD is a private court, with no rules, where parent-child bonds go to die and lawyers get rich. Note, no poor folks ever get sent to this court, it is a private judge-lawyer club where decisions are purchased and children are trafficked under the watchful eye of pedo monster Judge Leo Diana and his jewish side kicks, the Dark Lord Adelman and jew boy Gould. The Grohs case is transferred to RFTD after a private conversation among lawyers Brigham and Fasano and two dirty court clerks, John Cetta and Michael Smuda. No court hearing, no transcript, just whispers, winks and a secret handshake. All these charlatans are attorneys admitted to the Bar and are under the supervision of Waterbury Chief Clerk Richard Haas and Middletown Chief Clerk Debora Kaszuba Neary. All lawyers on state payroll, subject to Rules of Professional Conduct, moving a case without court order, all for bribes. Trafficking kids takes a lot of dirty court staff to facilitate and family court is replete with dirty court staff.

So now the case has been before jew judge and Talmudic disciple Judge Gould, who sits in Bridgeport. Gould is a paid employee of the state pedophile ring. He does what he is told and keeping two little girls drugged, under the thumb of pedophile daddy Bill Grohs is just another day in the courthouse for Gould. He gleefully ignores the case, knowing full well that the girls have not hugged mom in the last 18 months, that the psychological harm inflicted by the court is taking its toll, that Fasano is billing every week, that Brigham is kicking back under the bench, all is working as designed, absent due process or rule of law. Even the Bridgeport Chief Clerk Robert A. Wilock does nothing when the overpaid caseflow co-ordinator Joanne Sestito, another lawyer, holds the case status as TBD. Like who cares these two little girls are being trafficked for daddy’s perverse deviant pleasure….the entire staff of family court is helping to prolong the abuse.

Joanne Sestito status board showing Evie and Sophie’s isolation is TBD.

Now, let’s ask the obvious question: What is the state interest in isolating the girls from mom? Is it because the Talmud decrees that parent-child bonds should be broken at whim (discretion) of a judge trained by a jew named Elliott Solomon? Is it because the sovereign people of Connecticut have a statute promoting child abuse? Is it because Connecticut just enjoys abusing children? Why would the State of Connecticut expend so much time, effort, judicial resources, to keep child and mother apart? Well folks, the reality is that the State of Connecticut and its sovereign people hold no cause to separate a child from a mother. None, notta, zip. The only people who are relishing in the prolonged isolation are the pedophiles and child abusers of family court. The judges, the lawyers, the GAL, the clerks, the caseflow scheduler, they are all in on the game of abusing children. That is why these miscreants work in family court, they are part of the pedophile mafia that trafficks children for the deviants of society. There is no state interest. The state as a sovereign entity holds no cause to interfere with a mother-daughter relationship. The exact opposite, the state holds a statute to ensure that there is no interference, but the law is ignored by Judge Gould and his jewish pals, who find Talmudic delight and financial gain in defeating laws of a sovereign people.

The state interest of great interest is how fast can the people act to eliminate the evil jews of child trafficking in family court? Judges who ignore the law are domestic enemies of the Constitution. Terrorists. How fast can the people debench Judges Ficeto and Gould? In the last fifteen years many christian families have been devastated by this jewdicial game of parent/child isolation. In the same period no jewish family has suffered such fate. Does nigger boy State Senator Gary Winfield of the judiciary committee have the balls to take on the jews who traffick white christian kids or is he simply a puppet on strings like Nigger Boy Robinson?

The tree of liberty could do with some kosher manure.

Editor’s Note: The impetuous of using children as a weapon in this litigation stems from the molestation of the girls by Mark Frenzel, son of Bill Grohs live in love interest Vicki Frenzel. The court’s retaliation against the mother with use of the children is a violation of the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual…but standard fare for the Talmudic court run by King Jew Elliot Solomon. There is no state interest in this case, but there is grave public interest.

Lost Kids. Evie and Sofi Grohs. Isolated from mother by jewish authority for 18 months.
Connecticut Star Chamber Pedophile Judge Mark T. Gould; torturing Evie and Sophie by Talmudic decree. No state interest, just jewish game on the gentiles
Bill Grohs ‘other side’. Deviant child abuser.
Dickhead Michael Fasano
GAL cunt Mary Brigham, child trafficker, judicial payoff machine

Wiiliam Grohs Aviation? Profits go to abuse children.
The natural manure, Judge Solomon and his jewish pals!!
Nigger Boy Gary Winfield, Chair of Judiciary Committee, lets jews run wild with Christian children. Another jew puppet of the state.