Matthew Couloute

Let’s just try and recap the recent antics of Connecticut actors in the drama of Matthew Couloute.  Skipping the long history of short lived relationships with a California blonde roller derby goddess, then a New York fashion model, resulting in a son and daughter, arrest warrants, lawsuits, custody battles, a divorce and general familial discord, Couloute starts a new drama on 15 October 2016.

Having a checkered history as a lawyer, first as a state prosecutor for Connecticut, then private practice, then a stint with the NFL, then trouble, license suspension, conflict and drama, Couloute abandons Bloomfield, Connecticut for Cumming, Georgia with his son.  Lives in a house owned by his mom, gets a job, puts son in private school, obtains a Georgia driver’s license, drives a Caddy with Peach State plates.  Life is good.

But life not so good for his daughter and her mother.  Left abandoned, no alimony, no child support, out of work, living in a hotel, maternal grandparents from NY come rescue them the very next day.  All is rather quiet until New York State court takes up the issue of the abused mother and unsupported child in early January.  Suddenly, Couloute and his Connecticut pals arrange for a felony arrest warrant against mom for seeking safe haven, warm bed, food and a roof out of state.  The tricksters of the Connecticut criminal justice system, from a K9 rookie cop, town police chief, unscrupulous state’s attorney, a play along judge and even the governor produce a totally fabricated extraditable felony arrest warrant to drag abused mom and child out of safe haven, back to Connecticut.  Couloute has papers filed in Hartford family court for another judge to strip the child away from mom.  What a plan, what teamwork, what execution.  A well oiled machine operating outside the law to steal the kid from mom.  All for a guy living in Georgia?

But there is a snag.  New York State has seen enough and seizes the child before Connecticut’s plan is executed.  Couloute is charged by NYS with neglect, a child abuse investigation initiated, but Governor Malloy demands the arrest of the mother as a fugitive from justice for the trumped up charge of felony custodial interference.  Now, pause for a moment.  The state of New York took protective custody of the child and Connecticut is claiming that mother is interfering with Couloute’s custody?  Newsflash, Couloute no longer has custody.  NY won’t let him even visit his daughter without supervision for the protection of the child.

But don’t let that stop a good Connecticut plan.  Mom gets arrested, appears in Connecticut before Judge Dewey and state’s attorney Mirella Giambalvo proceeds with prosecution at the personal request of Couloute, former member of the elite prosecutor’s club.  Curious if Kevin Kane and Judge Williams will conspire to issue an arrest warrant for NYS for interfering with their plan to recapture the lost child?  In essence, Connecticut is working to steal the kid from mom and place her in the sole care of dad, while NYS is keeping the kid away from a neglectful dad.  Overall, a broken family of little means has to expend resources on lawyers and bail bonds rather than the care of the child.  As NYS properly observes the father is neglecting his child.

Of course there is more to the story.  The well known child trafficking operation of the family court often uses the criminal court to bring mothers to their knees to surrender children to loving, caring fathers and their pals.  It is great drama when two states are fighting over the child, one to protect it, the other to use it.

If there was such a thing as federal law enforcement, this game would be put to a stop.  It appears that the feds are aware but Deirdre Daly merely looks away.  Couloute has friends in Connecticut, so much is obvious, but rule of law does not apply when kids are trafficked by the elite, federal or state.

Of peculiar interest is how mother’s divorce attorney C. Michael Budlong and Judge Jorge Simon omitted a proper child support order for the child, while father’s lawyer Ceil Gersten played along in the divorce proceedings two years ago. Case.  Two Hartford family law attorneys and a judge conspire to ignore child support statutes to hurt a child and protect dad’s wallet.  A point not lost on child support professionals in NY, who have already summoned Couloute to a court hearing to examine that question.

Put simply, Judge Dewey of Connecticut is using federal money in prosecuting a battered mother for seeking shelter for her abused child, whom Judge Simon refused to protect with a proper child support order.  Where are the feds?

Of greatest curiosity is how it all happened with Couloute’s unverified complaint of a stolen child to Bloomfield’s K9 police officer Brendan Danaher.  From dog handler’s word to felony interstate extraditable arrest warrant signed off by the Governor; amazing.  What does this child know that Malloy desperately wants her back under state control?