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Family Court Psychosis: A Disease

The psychosis of family court manifests itself in various forms of non specific chronic adjustment disorders.  The family courthouse, a legal rights deprivation chamber has the effect to make all the participants lose their minds.

Let’s examine the psychosis manifested in the Grohs case.  A simple divorce, some kids, money, infidelity, separation agreement, done in less than a year and six dozen docket entries.  However, the mold spores and the dust mites of the Waterbury courthouse infected the plaintiff dad, the lawyers and even the judges creating a rabid need for litigation, legal fees and insane judicial decisions.

Before the ink was dry on the divorce, William Grohs and his attorneys were back in court.  Twenty nine months of post judgment litigation over forty-five docket items which did not change a thing, other than draining family savings and enriching lawyers on both sides.  Then a pause for thirty months with no filings.  This is the suspected dormancy phase of the psychosis infection, sort of like malaria where the next generation of larvae is incubating in the brain.

The second hatching occurs with vengeance in May of last year, where dad and his overpaid lawyers foam at the mouth, stay up late howling at the moon and then file a contempt motion for mom taking the kid to the pediatrician.  The psychosis as so afflicted the father and his lawyer, Michael Fasano, Sr. that they expend over $45,000 pursuing the hallucination that taking kids to the doctor is a violation of court orders.  The mind altering infestation of the family court psychosis even extends to Judges Ficeto and Schofield who expend ‘valuable’ court time on this delusional aspect of the infection.  Obviously many hours in the contaminated courtrooms has led to the judicial infection as well.  The diseased judges proceed to trial for doctor visits.

The second larvae hatching in the father’s brain leads to lesions and scarring of memory cells to the point he forgets that he made a voluntary agreement on his terms six years ago to end his marriage to the mother of two kids.  The resulting psychosis is ugly, but the judges and the lawyers work to provide more ‘valuable’ court time as a form of therapy.  Lawyers believe that bleeding family savings is a treatment for the disease; there is no published study to confirm the hypothesis; but the treatment is endorsed by the Connecticut Bar Association.

Sixteen more months of litigation, fifty-five more docket entries, a hundred thousand dollars down the drain, no cure in sight, the psychosis overwhelms the players.  Dad’s lawyer Michael Fasano, Sr is so delusional as to claim the internet is a threat to the children and side kick Attorney Julie Fasano obsesses over finding seventy-two months of cancelled checks in discovery.  GAL Brigham is so deranged to believe she can file contempt motions and have the mother jailed in the best interest of the children.  Judge Schofield is so infected that she thinks the GAL is right.  Dad has lost his mind completely, becoming an expert on Munchausen syndrome by proxy, subscribes to Psychology Today and cancelled his Hustler magazine subscription.  Mom’s lawyer, Robert S. Kolesnik was so deranged he had to withdraw for lack of money to treat his symptoms of legal stupidity.

More hearings are already on the court calendar.  Extended stages of the psychosis can be quite ugly.  Perhaps it is time to quarantine the Waterbury Courthouse and all the diseased players. Fumigating the courthouse is a temporary fix; burning it to the ground, incinerating the infectious source being a permanent solution;  a matter of public health and safety.

Bill Grohs’ other side

William Grohs the madman

Dickhead Michael Fasano