White Lynching

There is gonna be a white lynching on Wednesday, 2pm at the Waterbury Courthouse before not quite white Judge Anna Ficeto.  White supremacist Attorney Micheal Fasano, Sr., has an EMERGENCY and needs to lynch a white baby momma, string her up by the First Amendment and steal her little crying white babies.

As rule of law never applies in the Superior Cesspool of Connecticut Family Court, it is necessary to examine the evil forces that drive events masquerading as court proceedings.  In the instant case, the dark force is Fasano’s client, his client’s wallet and his client’s mental instability.  Deep down this is a pedo case.  Attorney Fasano is not practicing law, he his arranging a good ole fashion lynching.  Slippery and unethical games before the court only happen with judicial approval.  Judge Anna Ficeto is a well-known pedo protector; puppet.  She provided protection to the infamous Matthew Couloute in 2015, when he was dragged into court for molesting his daughter.  Old battle-axe retired Judge Annie Dranginis was there to silence all witnesses with threats of massive and expensive lawsuits.   Judge Ficeto let it all evaporate with a wink, a nod and a blind judicial eye.  Yes, that Judge Ficeto.

Ficeto the pedo protector has granted a hearing on Fasano’s fabricated EMERGENCY motion for Wednesday at 2pm.  The court will be asked to take momma’s babies away because the internet exists and the public is on to the pedo game in Connecticut Family Court.

Pedo Fasano is asking the court to A). Strip mother of custody of two little girls;  B). A censorship order on mom to edit the internet; C). An unconstitutional prior restraint order; D). Mother to be fined.   All totally beyond the powers of the court.  But the pedo court of Judge Anna Ficeto will happily take the kids away.  Afterall, they don’t get molested while living at mother’s house.  Better to put them at dad’s house where they can be accessed by his perverted associates and no one can hear them scream.

Curious why Fasano did not ask for mother to be burned at the stake?  Waterbury witch trials?

Let’s pick apart Fasano’s professional pleading to traffick the girls.  He claims at (3) that this blog is his cause to steal the girls.  Five year old correspondence penned by notoriously crooked GAL Mary Brigham is simply information in the public domain, not a claim to steal kids.  GAL files hold no privilege.  At (4) Fasano’s demented “information, knowledge and belief” falsely claims public information is privileged to attorneys working to traffick the two girls.  At (5) Fasano again cites this now famous blog in an open attack on the First Amendment.  He slept through law school; does not realize that public scrutiny of public actors in a public forum is a protected right. At (6) Fasano claims drool monkey Judge Lloyd Cutsumpas sealed everything and mom is responsible for ‘pedileaks’.  DCF matters are brought in juvey, not family court.  Molestation of kids while in dad’s care is not legal cause to take kids away from mom.  At (7) Fasano makes another baseless claim against mom for public scrutiny of family court.  Newsflash: any case where Mary Brigham appears as GAL is a cause for public alarm and federal investigation.  At (8) Fasano claims that there is an order of the Family Cesspool that trumps the First Amendment ….classic pedo.  Even the Constitution is suspended to traffick a playtoy in Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  At (9) Fasano mentions this infamous blog a third time!!!   Twit attorney Julie Fasano’s pointless subpoena for six years of cancelled checks is pleaded against the mother.  Oh vey!  The pedos have no limits.  At (10) Fasano’s dementia is revealed.  A marshal leaves the papers stuck in public domain front door of a house on a Saturday morning.  The milkman even read it.  At (11) Fasano notes the two girls are now capable of reading; implying that reading about dad’s court games is harmful.  Publicity is the price paid for litigation, ruled Judge Lynda Munro.  Fasano and his client are doing this to the kids, while Fasano is laughing all the way to the bank.  At (12) Fasano claims the “children’s emotional and physical well-being and safety are in jeopardy” and can no longer live with mother.  Totally nonsensical.  The mere presence of GAL Brigham places children in danger.

The sleight of hand at (12) is the baseless claim to switch custody pending a trial which lacks basis in law.  Fasano dragged mom into court last May on a false contempt matter which drool Judge Cutsumpas entertained for over four months, with $45k of legal fees resulting in dad’s concocted claim of a mistrial; then Fasano slipped in a motion to modify custody without cause.  Bait and switch pedo play.   Why exactly is the cesspool entertaining a request to open judgment?  What changed?  Dad got caught molesting the kids?  Dad’s friends did something to the girls?  The cat got out of the bag and the girls have to be silenced?  Drugged?  Electro shocked?  Memories erased? Brainwashed?

Come to the white lynching, see Connecticut jewdicial discretion in action; see Judge Anna Ficeto commit criminal acts from the bench to traffick the girls at the direction of the state pedo ring.  Bring popcorn!!!


Connecticut Jew Klan

Dickhead Michael Fasano