Adelman On Trial!

The shit has hit the fan! Judge Gerard Adelman goes on trial before Judge Moukawsher for misconduct in the Ambrose case. The private star chamber of Regional Family Trial Docket, the dungeon where kids with rich parents go to be trafficked, is having a judge war. The heinous conduct of the Dark Lord himself has annoyed the elders of the Connecticut judiciary who are calling for an end to Adelman’s barbaric behaviour and the consequential child abuse. Bring popcorn!! Hearing is 22 November at 2pm in Middletown.

Adelman issued the following order yesterday, out of the blue, with no hearing or motion before the court:

“Given the complaints made about the court by Attorney Cunha representing the defendant, the court is sua sponte ordering a hearing on whether this court should recuse itself from completing the current trial. The hearing will be presided over by Judge Moukawsher, the presiding judge of the RFTD.”

The now-famous blog notes that Adelman’s chosen supremacy above the rule of law does not permit him to recuse himself in light of the complete disaster of the Ambrose trial, jews just can’t admit to their own wrongdoing. The Catholic Judge Moukawsher will sit in review of the jewish abuse of the court of law and the children under its protection. The discretion of the jew judge in abuse of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer will be reviewed under the discretion of the Catholic judge. Wonder what will happen? Will Moukawsher act on his faith to protect the mother-child bonds for the gifts of God? Or will Moukawsher betray his faith, upholding the jew’s wrath upon the goy in the name of the State of Connecticut? Which will it be? Catholic vs. Jew or will the Catholic go to the dark side under pressure from the state pedo ring?

The due process aficionados will note that there are no formal complaints filed against Adelman, as required under rule PB 1-22(b) to create cause for a hearing by another judge. The sua sponte ‘please kick me off this trial order’ betrays that a higher power than Moukawsher has directed Adelman to leave. This is just Adelman’s way of refusing to recuse himself and forcing his Catholic nemesis to declare the mistrial. Looks like the end of Adelman.

Stay tuned, bring popcorn!

Connecticut family court jewdicial entertainment.