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RFTD Work Is Done!

The grand evil childhood rapist, the Dark Lord, Judge Gerard I. Adelman, has declared ALL RFTD WORK IS DONE!  The Ambrose case is returned to the armpit of Bridgeport, where fellow jew faggot Judge Antoni Truglia, Jr. is left to pick over the carcass of the family, now depleted of savings, which Adelman doled out to synagogue pals, Aldrich, Hurwitz, Caverly, and Horowitz.  The WORK of RFTD is to plunder family bank, drag out pointless litigation, rape childhood, and deliver the purchased decision.  Adelman’s looting included orders for jew Jocelyn Hurwitz to sit in the gallery, watching the entire trial, billing $400/hr to fully deplete the college funds of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, pocketing over $200k for no legal purpose.  Adelman is a jew’s hero, filling jewish pockets with shekels stolen from the innocent in the name of goy law, jewish form of Connecticut family court is money laundering under the color of state dissolution law.

Blog history department points out that RFTD stands for REGIONAL FAMILY TRIAL DOCKET, a label by whack nut Judge Aaron Ment, the chief court administrator in August 1990, who created this ‘special’ docket with jewish logic, that one judge sitting in New Haven could provide extra trial capacity to the ‘regional’ judicial districts for divorce cases.  A foolish creation, there are only so many judges, so many courtrooms, so many cases, a simple production issue that any planner can manage with a resource loaded schedule, well beyond jewdicial comprehension.  So what is the WORK of RFTD?  It is private plunder, a special docket, no published rules, no particular purpose, but only families with money appear in this Star Chamber, which has always been run by a jew judge for the last three decades.  Got it?

Jew Judge Sam Freedman was the first judge of RFTD, he was head of family division at the time, the jewish childhood rape dungeon was created by jews for singular jewish purpose, protected for the last 32 years by jews of family court to serve their private interests.

The real purpose of creating RFTD provided the jewdiciary with a private chamber to extract every dollar out of families, the docket history is replete with families of money, lawyers, GALs, court whores, all feasting on protracted litigation.  The jewdiciary deceives all by advertising that the special docket has a GOAL!

A special docket in the Middlesex Judicial District, Middletown, which handles contested custody and visitation matters referred to it from any Judicial District in the state. One judge presides over and manages the docket. The goal is to handle contested cases involving children quickly and without interruption. Cases are referred to the Regional Family Trial Docket by the family presiding judge when they meet the program criteria: child focused issue; ready for trial; family relations case study completed and not more than nine months old; and an attorney has been appointed for the children.

The deceit of CCA Patrick Carroll, CAJ Michael Albis, jew Adelman, retard Moukawsher is palpable, as RFTD lacks due process, does not comply with the special docket statute, is an affront to a sovereign people, but hey, it is Connecticut, where jews run everything, goy don’t matter, nor their kids, just another process to extract a pound of flesh.  The Ambrose bank has been drained, Adelman’s WORK at RFTD is done!  Jews moving on to the next family savings account.

A righteous God fearing Patriot may find cause to zap the Star Chamber with death rays from space station, rain down F35 smart bombs, burn Satan’s altar to ashes, all in name of purging jewdicial ideology from the people’s court, uphold people’s statutes, rule of law defeats rule of jew.  When the cold black ashes of jew Adelman scatter by a divine wind, the Tree of Liberty grows!

Editor’s Note:  There is no self-governance by sovereign people when jews sacrifice children to fake money god under color of state law, only tyranny, where lack of redress begs flash and bang of Second Amendment.  Children are precious, jews not so much.

Gaggle of jews who have run RFTD for the rape of childhood.

CCAJ Carroll protects jewish Star Chamber in defiance of law … a jew puppet.

Jew Judge Sam Freedman, first jew of RFTD