Betsy Moukawsher

The Town Clerk of Groton, Connecticut sleeps in the same bed as Judge Thomas Moukawsher, the presiding judge of the infamous star chamber known as Regional Family Trial Docket, where parents get fleeced and children get hurt. The now famous Blog is curious to know the type woman who sleeps with a child predator, a monster so evil as to uphold a 600 day forced isolation of three children from their mother. How does Betsy Moukawsher show her face around town, knowing that the public is aghast at her husband’s predatory behavior towards Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer?

Betsy’s hubby has demonstrated his pedophile protective tendencies in full public view, holding two hearings to take up the disqualification of the woman hating, child abusing, jewish excuse of a judge, the notorious Judge Gerard Adelman. Betsy calls Monster Moukawsher ‘hubby’, sucks his dick, takes it up the ass, endures beatings, in complete submission to a man who gets his rocks off by wielding state powers to harm mothers and children. What is Betsy’s malfunction?

<Hi honey, I’m home! Hi dear how did court go today? Great I really gave it to Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, made sure they won’t hug their mother this Christmas, then I ripped mother’s lawyer a new nostril for calling out the jewish ideology of family court. Oh, wonderful dear, I made your favorite pot roast, you have enough time to whack off before dinner to some new kiddie porn I downloaded for you. Thanks honey, you’re the best.>

The Blog must seriously question the home life where the man of the house is actively engaged in State sponsored terrorism where his wife acts as the Groton Town Clerk. Betrayal of public trust? Can’t trust the man, must suspect the wife. She is not so stupid as have not identified his deviant pleasures. Any sane woman would kick a monster like Moukawsher out of her bed and out of her house for separating children from mother on the demand of a homo pedo like Chris Ambrose, for the financial benefit of jew girl Jocelyn Hurwitz. Betsy’s monster of a husband has the power in his pen to end the forced isolation, but the coward will not upset his jewish pedo masters, whom he loves more than Betsy or his own personal reputation. What a guy!!!

Rather than uphold the rule of law, protect children and mother from further harm, check the jewish manipulation of a court of law, Judge Moukawsher threw his own family under the bus, where they can be called out as pedo monsters, one and all. Betsy sleeps with a mother hating pedophile who gets a chubby knowing children are suffering, while jew Jocelyn Hurwitz pockets $200k for guarding best interests. Ruling that Judge Adelman is unquestionable in familial destruction. Betsy is now ‘Mistress Pedophile’ of Groton. Skank whore to deviant chosen ideology. Consort to a state child trafficker and racketeering operator. An icon of the community, letting everyone know to hide children from monsters like her husband.

Betsy’s nutjob childhood raping, family fleecing, hubby did not bat an eye at the fact that his Bar sister jew Jocelyn Hurwitz has already bagged $200k for the expert trafficking of three kids to the deviant control of Barber Shop aficionado Chris Ambrose and his pals. Is Betsy aware of her husbands attraction to minors? Of course she is! Can’t hide such behavior from a partner. Perhaps Betsy is into little kids too. Mr. and Mrs. Moukawsher, a match made in Hell.

A sovereign people hold the parens patriae powers enacted thru the family court, evil judges who abuse children and fleece family bank under the deception of ‘best interests’ may soon feel a righteous wrath that no immunity shield will protect.

Groton Police Department will have to pull a bunch of overtime, as the mob is woke to a judicial child predator living at 70 Tyler Ave, lest a parental militia marches in peaceful protest for protection of children against monsters in black robes, holding a candlelight vigil, with bottles of Snapple, refilled with refined petroleum products, and plugged with rags.

Connecticut Family Court: inciting imminent lawless action by predatory conduct against children.

moukawsher colonial
What would colonials do to child traffickers?
What will a free people and a well regulated militia do to protect children from monsters like the Moukawshers?

Editor’s Note: Thomas Moukawsher is a stain on the alumni of St. Michael’s and the Citadel’s Class of ’83, but he is a distinguished example of a UCONN Law grad and a very jewish example of a deviant family court judge.

Light a candle, protect the children.
Free expression creates thirst.