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Scum Barry Armata

78 -73 House Vote.  Scumbag Armata Gets Jewdicial Appointment

Let’s take a look how corrupt child trafficking family court scum judges are created.  First, start with a low life child trafficking, miscreant lawyer who is a trusted judicial insider of the elder pedo judges.  Take Barry F. Armata for example.  Fits the bill perfectly.

Scum Boy Barry has spent 34 years promoting familial conflict, plundering college accounts and family savings to feed his monstrous appetite to inflict discord on society.  Barry Boy kissed judicial ass and sucked pedo cock with such professionalism he became a trusted judicial insider and child trafficker.

Barry’s crowning career achievement was to resign from all his pedo GAL appointments when the legislature held hearings on the corruption of Judge Lynda Munro’s statewide GAL plunder and loot racket.  When rumors circulated that the feds were looking into the tax free GAL fee kickback scheme, Barry disappeared from cases across the state.  Barry was such a grand poopa of the GAL Klan that he wrote an amicus curiae brief for jew judge Joette Katz in Carrubba v. Moskowitz, which is the case where the state jews blessed GALs like Armata, Dembo, Gersten, Bozek, Morra, Budlong, Dornfeld, Coussineau and other monsters with IMMUNITY.  Meaning raping children and their parent’s bank accounts was above the law.  Judge Lynda Munro was gleeful.

Connecting the dots for Boy Barry is scary.  Every slime pedo, corrupt judge is connected to him.  He is the ultimate insider, trusted evil doer of Connecticut Family Court.  A closet gender confused, perverted pedo monster having no empathy, raped as a child, but a state sanctioned expert on your kids.  This is how Governor Malloy supports the corruption of Family Court.  The pedo ring tells Malloy who they need on the bench to traffick kids and rape little boy ass.  The public is duped when a clown like Barry, who never made partner at any law firm, is nominated to the bench.

The first diseased dot connected to Bad Boy Barry is his boss at Brown, Paindiris & Scott, the sinister Kate Haakonsen.  A twat waffle so evil the devil won’t eat it.  Kate lives off of her connections to evil female family court judges.  The long line of evil sisters of Wetstone, Munro, Bozzuto, Olear, Prestley, Klatt, Schofield, Emmons, Gordon.  The pedos of BPS are protected by former named partner Peter Zarella who recently retired from the state supreme court.

The biggest dot connection is directly to satan’s sister herself, Judge Lynda Munro, the supreme sorceress of Connecticut Pedo Utopia.  Munro annointed Barry to train the younger crop of up and coming GALs to plunder and rape the unsuspecting victims of family court.  Needless to say, Barry’s understanding of the tax free GAL kickback scheme and his ability to deliver was rewarded from upon high.  Barry was an insider at the lucrative Regional Family Trial Docket (RFTD) in Middletown where judges used Barry to train other lawyers as special masters in how to plunder family loot for judicial benefit.

The blackest and most evil dot connected to Barry is the Dark Lord himself, jew Judge Gerard Adelman.  A co-founding member of Central Connecticut Collaborative Family Law Group, the insiders guide to funneling family savings to lawyer’s pockets.  Barry is nothing more than the prince of darkness, in waiting to his promised ascension to the bench.  Anyone think child rapist Barry is going to be put on the complex litigation docket?  Assigned to hear major civil cases?  Criminal matters?  A court where law matters?  No.  Barry is going right to Hartford JD to sit with Bozzuto and Adelman.  Barry has kids to traffick.  Not kids of poor folk, kids of elite rich folk where fathers learned from their fathers how to rape boy ass.

So obvious, another dark day for children in Corrupticut.  The cycle of scum, larvae, hatching, morphing and finally a black robe to traffick kids.  Governor Malloy has done the terroristic bidding of the pedo ring in placing Barry Armato on the family court bench.  In Connecticut, no one can hear the kids scream.

Scum Barry Armata