Why You Wanna Be A Judge?

Attorney Barbara Aaron, a recent nominee to the Superior Court of Connecticut for a judge position in the family court, puts on a great display of stupidity when asked why she wants to be a judge.  Thirty years as an attorney fleecing parents to line her pockets, she looks like a deer in the headlights when asked WHY YOU WANNA BE A JUDGE?

Watch the question and the delayed incoherent response here.  She took 15 seconds for formulate a total bullshit answer.  The reality is that she is a jew in family law who King Jew Judge Solomon needs on the bench to keep up the Zionist agenda of family court.  Another jew going to make a difference in lives of gentiles.  She was not nominated by gay boy Dannel Malloy, she was selected by King Jew Judge Solomon to ride herd over the gentiles.

See the entire discussion with Attorney Barbara Aaron, before the judiciary committee here.  A pathetic excuse of a human, bottom tier incompetent lawyer specializing in ‘high net worth’ parents in divorce matters….she is a white jew who has no need for poor brown clients, and of course this bitch has no kids of her own, but will decide what to do with yours.  Perfect zionist foot soldier for King Solomon to rely upon to carry out the jewish attack on christians and their pathetic families.  Kundry’s revenge rages on in Hartford!

These people are really really scary.

Editor’s Note:  Aaron is a partner in Berman Bourns Aaron & Dembo in Hartford.  She is law partner with the notorious evil jew, dirty court insider, family attorney Steven Dembo, which should scare everyone.  Poor, brown, Christian clients don’t matter to the elite jews of family court.

Nut job Barbara Aarons does not know why she wants to be a judge.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler, stacking the bench against Christians.

Baby Aaden was not of high net worth parents…got splashed by family court.