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Linda Allard?

Not gonna believe this shit, but old, dumb, fat, gender-confused Linda Allard, tanned skinned moronic cross breed of slave and savage, with a law degree has been nominated to the Connecticut bench by the diverse identity politics of Governor Lamont. Linda takes on the political identity of being african and native american to define her victimhood. Linda is so stupid that she can not spell First Amendment. Anything she does not like is criminal speech. Another self-described expert in family law, no brains, no real clients, no practice of law, just a clingon at the bottom of the legal barrel, sucking a paycheck off a federal violence against women grant, a pretend lawyer at Greater Hartford Legal Aid. This legal enterprise is the rich lawyer’s gift to the poor, so that people living in poverty can get tangled up in corrupt state courts of jewish discretion, making kike attorneys feel good about themselves. In reality, GHLA is a simple Marxist operation whose present agenda is to make white folk feel bad for the color of their skin. The new guiding principles promote systemic racism, outrage, and critical race theory, claiming all black folk are victims of centuries of structural racism, citing every instance of a dead black person as a national failure of an imagined utopic state. GHLA claims to serve a poor community, but did nothing for Baby Aaden. Cries a river over a dead Breonna Taylor who was killed because her dumb black boyfriend shot at police. Allard and her professional racial victims bear witness to devastation of racial injustice, claiming skin color excludes dumb people from schools, that being black in Connecticut is worse than being white in the same armpit of Waterbury, New Britain or Bridgeport. The new intersectional inequity of swimming in the cesspool of Connecticut turns on the color of one’s skin. Like somehow today’s blacks are special because their ancestral cousins in Africa sold their ancestors to jews for some trinkets and rum to pick cotton, justifying today’s abuse of white folk whose white ancestors never owned slaves, but picked cotton themselves by their own privileged white hands. The logic is fascinating.

Why put fat nigger Allard on the bench when she believes that the white man is responsible for a homeless black person on the street … plenty of homeless white folk too. Black man beating his side ho’ is caused by white discrimination? Black folk shoot up Chicago every weekend, all because of some systemic white issue with the color of the trigger finger. Black folk kill more black folk than all other skin colors combined, but it is white man’s fault. Racism causes all the problems in a black culture, while doing everything to destroy themselves on their own. So many fatherless black families, must be a white issue too. GHLA is a Marxist front of race-baiting cultural conflict under the guise of providing legal services to the poor. An army of failed attorneys with demented views of the world to promote BLM ideology, destructive societal behavior in the name of imagined injustice of having colored skin while living in America. Needless to say, BLM advocates do not provide free transportation back to Africa, where these drama queens hold no claim of victimhood based on skin color.

Linda Allard is exactly the type of moron who has no business being on the bench. Another blackish puppet doing her jewish master’s bidding. Why not honk while driving by her house at 42 Sheep Hill Drive in West Hartford. The woods behind her house provide cover and concealment for disgruntled white litigants who will appear before her black bench, to hurl racial slurs with a night scope. Paint ‘black lives matter’ on the sidewalk. Wake up her white neighbors with megaphones and gunshots, remind them of their evil whiteness that oppresses the fat black lady next door. Share the deep grief, pain, and outrage that poor, oppressed, victimized Linda Allard feels everyday, living in West Hartford’s structure of racism.

The last thing Connecticut needs is another confused jurist making decisions on the color of her skin and the imagined failures of a free people. Demented discretion of the self-pitied need not apply to the bench. The political agenda of stacking the court with misfits has a sinister purpose engineered by jews who are masters of damaging host societies for their benefit. The stench is overwhelming. Only the Second Amendment can save the people from these political parasites, .308 ball ammo preferred. Does Allard beg a .50 cal to the head, just to please her masters? Or will thoughts of death rays from the space station, F35 smart bombs, long range sniper shots thru two panes of glass from the grassy knoll remind her that in the land of the free and the home of the brave, propaganda of critical race theory is seen as subversive activity by domestic enemies of the Constitution. Let freedom ring!

Linda Allard’s concept of justice is rather lacking, as she will soon to find out.

Linda Allard, another obese failure ascending to the bench of the Cesspool.
Allard’s house in West Hartford, example of systemic racism in white man’s oppressive society … honk as you go past 42 Sheep Hill Drive.