LoVallo’s Psychiatric Stability

Time to take a look at the jewdicial bias and prejudice played out in Family Court under the color of law.  Today we observe the perverted logic festering in the twisted legal mind of child predator in black, Judge Sharon LoVallo of New York.

LoVallo, the crazy, takes aim at a mother.  Mother is a victim of domestic violence and has the broken bones to prove it.  LoVallo is confident that mother deserved the beating and bone cracking at the fist of the father.  After all, the State of Connecticut arrested mother as a fugitive from justice on the order of Governor Daniel Malloy for providing child care by seeking safe haven at grandmother’s house.  Mother must be evil, leaving the loving confines of Bloomfield, Connecticut to seek food and shelter in Buffalo.  Mom absolutely deserved the bone cracking.  Father is always right, as is Connecticut.

(Remember, Connecticut Family Court, Hon. ‘spic Jorge Simon failed to issue the legally required child support order for the child, so dad had to pay nothing.  Child had no food, moved to Buffalo, now mom is being persecuted for feeding the kid.  Hon. Jorge Simon, domestic enemy of the constitution and child abuser.  Case.)

So now our bat shit crazy jewdicial tyrant is attacking the mother with the jewish science of mental health.  As father has abused and beaten the mother enough, time for LoVallo to rule that mom’s psychiatric stability is lacking and that the child will have to be handed over to bone cracker.  The logic is flawless.  As mom could not endure the beatings, she is an unfit mother and cannot have custody of the child.

Stay tuned folks.  LoVallo soon to order mother to be ‘evaluated’ by trusted court insider jewish psychologist who will state exactly what LoVallo and her masters want to hear.