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Judge Sharon LoVallo

Another batshit crazy dyke in black robe goes haywire in full public view.  LoVallo, judge of the family court of Buffalo; better described as the wicked witch of the west, does not administer justice but does the bidding of her pedo masters.  When the Connecticut pedo ring wants its play toy back, judges must deliver.  Does not matter what state or what laws, pedo rule is supreme.  Cops and judges jump at the snap of twisted fingers.

Judge LoVallo got off her broomstick and set aside her oath of office long enough to demonstrate how not to act in a courtroom.  Evidently, the new diversion is screaming about press coverage of a neglect/abuse case that crosses state lines.   Judge LoVallo decided to suspend the First Amendment by applying prior restraint to not allow any talk about what is going on in the public forum.  She even threatened to ‘prosecute’ people to the ‘fullest extent’ of the free speech law for discussing the case.  After all, why should the public be able to see how the pedo ring trafficks children in family court? Public has no business observing how the government defiles mothers to deliver play toys to the sickest creeps of elite society.

In Sharon’s nutty tirade from the bench, her mouth ran well beyond the limits of law.  She actually threatened a mother with cutting off access to her own child as court punishment.  Sharon the Wicked did cast the Constitution aside, shredded the Eighth Amendment and declared that New York State will use a child to punish its own mother.  Cruel and unusual, of course, but not out of the ordinary for a looney bird like Judge LoVallo who values pleasing her pedo masters over the Constitution.

Now, in order to obtain the public transcripts of LoVallo’s treasonous tirade, the Witch must give her personal permission.  Got it Comrade?  No free speech today, LoVallo on warpath.  No child protection today, LoVallo exploded today.  Child is now weapon of court ordered punishment.  No case law to support the witch’s threat, but judicial witches only use case law to scratch their hemorrhoids.

America does not use children to punish their mothers, that is simply child abuse and it is criminal conduct under federal law.  Judge LoVallo being so blinded by her rage can’t see the rule of law beyond her tyrannical madness.  Time to debench the monster, she is an embarrassment to the people of the state and a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

So keep an eye on Matthew Couloute’s courtroom maneuvering and how the wicked witch acts to beat up a mother using the fruit of her own womb.  Have child, New York State will gladly beat you to death with it.  Of note, Couloute found money to retain attorney Frank Ieraci.  Curious how Couloute can pay a lawyer at $330/hr, but not pay child support of $100/wk?  Do the math.  LoVallo ignores that obvious question.  Her orders are to get the play toy back to Connecticut, that is why she cancelled the restraining order against Couloute without cause, hearing or testimony.  Snap it’s gone.  Next she will dismiss everything before her so the judicial monsters of Connecticut can permanently strip the child from mother.  In the Nutmeg State, no one can hear the children scream.

Will District Administrative Judge Paula L. Feroleto support punishment of mother with her own child in the 8th Judicial District of New York?  Judicial threats of terrorism the new standard of judicial ethics?  Scaring litigants upholds the integrity of the court?  Promotes public confidence in the judiciary?  Is Feroleto the pedo commander for the western region?  Has tyranny won?  Stay tuned, this is only going to get worse.