Silence you knaves, the wicked witch has issued a GAG order.  Do not speak of matters inside her court.  Battered mothers, broken bones, pedophiles, corrupt prosecutors, abused children, child trafficking and abuse of power is not a matter for you little people who pretend to live in a democracy with rights.

Batshit crazy child trafficking nut Judge Sharon LoVallo of Erie County Family Court has put her tongue on the First Amendment’s third rail of prior restraint.  She is zipping lips, silencing the press, turning off the media, shutting down the internet, chilling public speech of matters in a public forum.  The Star Chamber has sealed itself.

Now let’s take a look at this silliness.  There is a jurisdictional question between Judge LoVallo of NY and Judge Suarez of Connecticut.  Judge Suarez will appear by phone for a hearing in Judge LoVallo’s court.  The NY court has no power to silence the CT court.  The transcripts of any such hearing are public information in CT, not subject to a NY gag.

In the meantime, the people have been thwarted in their right to scrutinize the monster in black who seals her court to hide her unfaithfulness to the law, her bias & prejudice against victims of domestic violence and abused kids.  Pedos tend to side with their type.  Will the public have an opportunity to be heard as to why gagging a public proceeding of such societal import is in the interest of liberty?

Recap this case:  Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr. abandons X and daughter in October, he moves to Georgia.  Grandpa rescues battered mother and abused child, brings to safe haven in NY, who seizes the child for protection from neglect and abuse.  Governor of Connecticut issues arrest warrant for mother on behalf of the resident of GA to get the kid back.  CT prosecutor admits charges are false, but threatens charges stick until NY surrenders the kid.  NY CPS says CT can’t protect the child as abuse/neglect happened in CT.  Two states fighting over a kid.  NY wants to protect the kid, CT uses it as a play toy in Game of Dragons…..becareful of dripping sword.

Stay tuned, this is a story.  Constitutional issue of gag order is a minor distraction, but scholars of the First Amendment have a hair trigger when it comes to prior restraint.

Does the gag order apply to the gag order?