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William Tong

Redress Of Grievances

    The legal shenanigans of Connecticut Attorney General William Tong have come to the attention of ‘we the people’ with bare arms, suggesting the yellow, commie chink is a traitor, acting on private agenda to destroy the redress clause of the First Amendment, oppressing a free people with jewish ideology, begging remedy by flash-bangs of the Second Amendment. The now-famous Blog of the worst kind, loved by nutmeg jew queen Jewette Katz, ponders alien ideology of Tong on this long weekend holiday celebrating independence of colonials from the King. In view of Tong, the King is a better choice. Blog legal beagles sniff out deceit and deception in the Office of… Read More »Redress Of Grievances

    Nuttier Nunley

      The now-famous Blog spotlights efforts of yellow, commie chink William Tong to thwart parental rights in federal court on behalf of sovereign nutmegs, in pleading by communist foot soldier AAG Alma Rose Nunley who pleads that a father cannot be ‘next friend’ for little Odin Sakon of Manchester, whom TAMMY!, Diana, and Nastri have maligned in deprivation of federal ADA rights. Oi vey! The jewish ideology of societal and familial destruction flows forth from the Office of Attorney General of Connecticut with kosher venom. Nunley cites no case law, no statute, no public policy that prohibits a father from acting as next friend for his abused child, but don’t let… Read More »Nuttier Nunley

      Prospective Relief

        How do ‘we the people’ address rogue jewdicial authorities like Thomas Moukawsher of Connecticut? Redress by bullets or federal suit? Does Attorney General William Tong prefer bullets? According to AAG, blog star, Robert Deichert, bullets are preferred as Tong objects to civil redress in suit under the Enforcement Act of the Fourteenth Amendment. Let bullets fly! Deichert objects to peaceful resolution of disputes, inciting a free people to acts of violence to deal with Moukawsher’s tyranny of being accuser, trier, judge, jury, and executioner under the guise of jewdicial discretion in his illegal action of disbarring a zealous advocate for pointing out that family court is a jewish cesspool of… Read More »Prospective Relief

        Tucker’s Folly

          The now-famous Blog rolls on the floor laughing at miscreant assistant attorney jerkoff John Tucker, state paycheck sponge, under supervision of blog star William Tong, yellow chink commie, defending against suit in fraud attempting to play the IMMUNITY card to save quackster UCONN Health psychologist Damion Grasso from the financial sting of a jury verdict for participating in family court character assassination. AAG Tucker blows some frivolous smoke in the face of Judge Susan Cobb, claiming employment by the state provides immunity from tort for ‘the-rapist’ misconduct, Cobb is not impressed, denying the fabricated claim of immunity, putting Grasso on notice that he faces a jury for his shenanigans in… Read More »Tucker’s Folly


            The now-famous Blog, of pure protected political speech kind, takes aim at the yellow commie chink, masquerading as Attorney General of Connecticut. Yes folks, William Tong, anchor baby of illegal immigrants, puppet of the jews, betrays his oath, perverts rule of law, acts like a true commie worthy of a tyrant’s demise. Blog’s attention falls upon the Attorney Chink for inaction over legal misconduct of the State jewdiciary. The State’s lawyer has duty to deal with Judge Anthony Truglia who threatens mothers with jail for disobedience to his constitutionally invalid wrath, but no! Tong turns a blind slanted eye, condoning jewdicial discretion of the Jew of Bridgeport. Tong’s special litigation… Read More »Tong


              Judge Robert Nasty Nastri, black robed child rapist of Hartford, child trafficker and jewdicial buffoon, betrays the CONSPIRACY of Tammy! and Diana in deprivation of rights, shredding Fourteenth Amendment, and pissing on federal civil rights protections, all while raping childhood of Odin Sakon of Manchester, who has not played catch with his dad in over eleven months. The rabbinical, goy-hating, child-trafficking court doubles down in hearing this morning, where Judge Nasty Nastri vocalizes direction of jewish masters, proclaiming the COURT will not address discriminatory flaws of TAMMY’s discretionary orders that sever father-son bonds for no state interest. Judge Nasty Nastri thought no one was watching, that he could pick and… Read More »Conspiracy!

              Deichert’s Deceit

                The now-famous Blog observes blog star Robert Deichert, assman to CT Attorney General, deceives sovereign nutmegs by filing disinformation in federal court on behalf of nutjob Judge Thomas Moukawsher. The legal beagles of Blog law department are howling at the comic attempt of overpaid ($145k/yr), undereducated Deichert to disavow existence of the federal Constitution. As always, d’Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up. Deichert finally files appearance for Mouk in the federal civil rights suit, which claims retards in black violate Fourteenth Amendment, wielding discretionary thuggery to disbar an attorney. No state employee can be instantly fired when boss is having a bad hair day, why are jewdicial authorities so special?… Read More »Deichert’s Deceit

                Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

                  Now-famous Blog’s definition department spotlights jewdicial word-salad of the Connecticut family court in requiring unobtainable services to affect visitation between little Odin Sakon of 53 Benton Street, Manchester and his dad. Viet-cong terrorist Judge Tammy Nguyen specified unspecified service, not defined by the state, as a requirement of visitation, a jewdicial ploy to sever father-son bonds, inflame conflict, promote protracted litigation.  Little Odin has not played catch with his dad for the last ten months, not even a phone call, as mother Francelia Sevin employs the fruit of her womb as a weapon of vindictiveness against child’s father; all under the approval of paedophile Judge Leo Diana, master childhood rapist… Read More »Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

                  Mouk Appearance

                    The now-famous Blog notes Judge Thomas Moukawsher of Connecticut Inferior Court refuses to appear in federal suit for his Fourteenth Amendment violations in denial of due process under color of practice rule for instantly disbarring a zealous advocate for being a zealous advocate. Moukawsher places himself above the law, ignoring the properly issued federal summons, the court empowered by Congress to enforce protections of the Fourteenth Amendment. Mouk proves again that nutmeg justice is mere tyranny in black. Mouk’s drama is tiresome, a retard, gifted with a judgeship because daddy did dirty deeds, gets dumped in family court for being a judicial fuck up, where he turns a simple review… Read More »Mouk Appearance

                    Sandra Arenas

                      The chief of Blog legal department brings forth copy on Connecticut’s  Sandra Arenas, Special Associate Attorney General for something special, other than constitutional rights. Tong’s female, pigment, diversity, lesbian token sucks up over $180k of a state paycheck to spew domestic terrorism from Tong’s bully pulpit, being the Nutmeg’s Lawyer. Arenas is a replacement theory specimen, born to an uneducated Chilean immigrant hairdresser, Tong promotes her alien ineptness in a special leadership role to proving again a UCONN law degree is a worthless rag, just another alien ‘spic with attitude, no brains, who eschews First Amendment, free speech, redress, yada, yada, yada. Arenas falters by catching constitutional attention of Blog… Read More »Sandra Arenas