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Reckless Robinson

The now-famous Blog calls out the jewish mafia of Corrupticut for slaying First Amendment protections on ideology of American Law Institute’s private agenda.  Time to revisit the 2014 mugging of Ted Taupier by unscrupulous domestic terrorists undermining the Bill of Rights.  The big black man in the black robe is nothing more than a puppet on jewish strings advancing alien ideology in the land of the free and the home of the brave, agitating trigger fingers of the Second Amendment, .308 ball preferred.

A private email promoting demise of dykish Elizabeth Bozzuto for destruction of families, severing of parent-child bonds, rape of childhood, plunder of savings, defiance of due process, under color of administrative no-fault dissolution matters is protected speech in the ordinary sense. Two hundred thirty five years ago a Virginian at Monticello in Charlottesville penned a similar communication, complaining of the detriment of judges to liberty, usurping powers, acting without limits, suggesting their blood refresh the Tree of Liberty, the demise of such tyrants being its natural manure. Thomas Jefferson and Ted Taupier share the exact same thoughts in private letters, one by quill and parchment, one by email.  Jefferson is widely quoted today, Taupier went to prison in Connecticut, hunted by speech police, felony conviction, by a jew judge for having too much to think.  Jewdicial Gold finding by fn18 of ‘rough equivalent’ of a true threat. First Amendment protected Jefferson, but suspended for Taupier.  Blog examines the change in jewdicial function that now criminalizes speech abhorred by jews.

Founding principles of self-governance immunizes political speech from government regulation.  A simple concept, no one tells Kings to shut-up, no one censors sovereign people of the American Republic. A people with no recourse to eliminate scum like Bozzuto from the bench, no way to protect children from evils of family court, redress denied, taken to discussion of sovereign powers of relief, the purpose of the Second Amendment, a necessity of a free state.  Jefferson and Taupier are the same Patriots, two centuries apart.  Evil tyranny that convicted Taupier was foolishly adopted by nutmeg legislative nutjobs in 1971, buying into ALI ‘model penal code‘ defeating 1A by censoring speech based on drama queen reactions,  fearing their own shadows for stalking.  Yes folks, it is always the jew.  ALI fabricated ‘threat’ statutes are un-American.  In 1886, the Michigan high court cites the ORDINARY person as standard of review, taking into consideration context and culture.  In 2018, nigger boy ‘free at last’ Robinson applies reaction of the undefined, non-existent, REASONABLE person to measure fright of speech, risk, level of threat, cause to criminalize speech, whom Founders never envisioned for the essence of self-government.  Jewdicial word-salad of ‘reckless disregard’ for tender feelings of transgender liberals did not exist to Madison, Monroe, Jefferson or others.  Nor was unsubstantiated risk of instilling fear in pathetic whiners of society.  Free speech is a protected right of the person, unrestricted by psychosis of communist jews.  Political speech of horrors in family court cannot be criminalized because of self-induced FEAR by evil doers in black robes (Coleman, Grossman, Adelman) such defeats 1A entirely; irony being it is done on the opinion of a freed slave.

A Jefferson translation of Taupier:  “The tyrant Judge must refresh the Tree of Liberty for denying fundamental liberties of familial association, an act of tyranny, usurping power beyond God, acting silently as a thief in the night, steady as gravity, family court threatens the foundation of the republic, left unchecked, all be lost.”  A more modern vernacular, upheld by the Ninth Circuit is simply:  “That cunt begs a .50 cal to the head!”

Blog fans of superior intellect find complete explanation in the fuss over Kansas where the high court of Christian wise folk struck down the ‘model’ code, laying bare its alien construction.  The Ninth and Tenth Circuits did the same, revealing, to the most casual observer, that nigger boy Robinson’s opinion in State v Taupier is foolish.  The sovereign people of Connecticut hold no cause to defeat First Amendment on doctrine of a jewish code, errantly adopted as criminal law.  Kansas is much smarter than Connecticut.  SCOTUS denied the jew whining, applied in cert to overturn the wise Kansas ruling, which effectively invalidates the ALI code, meaning the conviction of Taupier is invalid on constitutional grounds.

Here are the pieces:  Kansas AG petition for cert.  Virginia’s jewish amicus brief, endorsed by crook Colangelo of Corrupticut.  Respondent opposition to cert.  Ninth Circuit ALI smackdown.  Tenth Circuit ALI smackdown.  Robinson’s insane opinion in State v Taupier.  Norm Pattis’ Taupier petition for cert (denied).  Thomas’s air-sandwich Kansas dissent.  Extra reference, North Carolina high court agreement with Kansas, State v Taylor, mountain justice.  Jake Baker, Gil Valle, Toni Elonis, Howard Weiss applaud.

Bottom line, ALI jew model penal code for goy ignores First Amendment protections, fabricates restrictions alien to the Founding, talmudic terrorism on a free people, serving only jewish interest, the singlular reason Jewette Katz opines Blog is not protected speech … fuck you bitch!

Blog is unloved by Jewette, she mounts her bully pulpit of the CT Law Tribune to provide jew opinion of unprotected speech:  “But the blog … has gone beyond free speech and the constitutional protections we all enjoy and cherish.”  Where Jewette betrays her adherence to ALI jewspeak, treason against the Constitution.  Blog graphics department connects the dots:  ALI jew doctrine adopted in 1971, reckless disregard of risk, high court rulings of Krijger in 2014, morning after threat, Taupier in 2018, threat victim never read, Bozzuto’s FBI complaint in 2015 about memes from photos on her public Izza Zuto fb account, two grand juries in 2016 fail to indict, 2017 FBI Lisa Tutty’s hunt for free speech in Virginia, sponsored by USA Diedre Daly, dyke pal of Bozzo, in total ignorance of U.S. v Cassidy, Richard Colangelo initiates second hunt in June 2020, on occasion of Kansas cert denial, AUSA Nancy Gifford, Margaret Donovan, Neeraj Patel, Marc Silverman(jew) in USAO New Haven, along with FBI Ron Offut in Bridgeport, issue warrants hunting Blog in August ’21 and January ’22, coinciding with Jewette’s errant personal Law Trib attack on Blog speech, then in May, Jewette celebrates with Connecticut ADL’s Stacey Sobel at signing of new HATE laws with kosher Governor Lamont, where soon after, CSP Colonel Stavros Mallekas unleashes chosen terrorist Virginia Trooper Michael Sponheimer, leading storm troopers to murder a front door at 5am, seeking fruits of free speech, protected under 1A.  How jewish can one get?  Connecticut really hates Blog, which internal legal staff applaud, citing right to hate under 1A:  “proudest boast of our free speech  jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express the thought that we hate.”  Alito, Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, send! 

Kansas Supreme Court simply proves that black boy Robinson’s opinion is wrong:  “Neither the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution nor the state constitution require that the state prove that defendant had the specific intent to terrorize the target of a threat, only that defendant was aware of and consciously disregarded a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the target of the threat would be terrorized.”  The ALI talmudic doctrine of disregarded risk is in the dumpster, the jews have been routed, Toby! admitted defeat of ALI bullshit when SCOTUS sided with Kansas.

For all the time and expense squandered on free speech by Jewette and her synagogue pals, Blog floats under 1A protected cyber clouds over Kansas, North Carolina, Ninth Circuit, Tenth Circuit, and D. Maryland where Judge Titus ruled in 2011 blogs do not broadcast, are only read by the curious, the world is free to ignore digital bulletin boards, a settled matter, not challenged by appeal.  The game afoot is Jewette attempts to criminalize Blog on the now defunct ALI model statute of Virginia, foolishly adopted in 1975, holding no supporting case law to criminalize political speech.  Jewette’s irrational obsession over Blog only results in a federal civil rights suit against her minion Trooper Michael Sponhiemer of Virginia, in personal capacity for being duped by Trooper Samantha McCord of Connecticut, on direction of Colangelo. Perhaps Shipman&Goodwin can provide a lawyer for poor sucker Mikey, a fitting end to the insanity of Jewette.

Conclusion: States are barred from prosecuting disliked speech under the color of true threat made knowingly or in reckless disregard of the potential to instill fear.  ALI jew doctrine is dead.  First Amendment lives!

Editor’s Note:  The irony of Connecticut’s shredding of 1A on jewish ideology is that the ugly, obese, retarded, foul, hideous Brenda Hans pursued tyranny on behalf of an unknowing populace, with state funds, to affect domestic terrorism.  Peter McShane also argued to criminalize political speech, he is now a judge, steer clear of his courtroom.  The term ‘constitution state’ to be removed from license plates.

Subversive jews and niggers hold ALI doctrine to take down 1A.

  Kansas rules, Connecticut terrorizes.

Identical Patriots, two centuries apart, how far the Republic has fallen on infiltration of jews.

Tree of Liberty refreshment, .50 cal to the head, same political message, protected speech, two centuries apart, musket balls had poor ballistics.  Sic semper tyrannis!  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it.

Connecticut jews, hunting free speech on ALI doctrine in defiance of 1A protections.

Rachel Baird and Norm Pattis have some warranty work to do on the Taupier case, where ALI doctrine now proven in violation of First Amendment protections, Connecticut is schooled by Kansas; Krijger and Taupier fall, the Tree of Liberty is refreshed!  Blog on!!!