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No Catholics!

The cat is out of the bag!  The jig is up, the word is out!  Connecticut ideology excludes Catholics from teaching positions, lest the kids are not groomed to be sex toys of the chosen.  Jew ideologues permeate state department of EDUCATION to ensure only ‘progressive’ paedophile loving, child raping monsters teach the children.  Greenwich Public Schools have been outed for being professional groomers.  Children at Cos Cob Elementary School are just victims.

Project Veritas outs what the Now-Famous Blog has been advertising for years … Connecticut is a jew controlled gulag, a bastion of paedophilia, a danger to children, where the hidden agenda of the jew violates state and federal laws to promote raping children.  Oi vey!  Connecticut public schools are indoctrination programs run by jews to undermine society, turning Gulag Connecticut into a paedophile farm, grooming new sex toys for the jewish deviant delicacy of paedophilia.  Hiring practice in Greenwich public schools forbids employing anyone who objects to sticking dick in little boy ass.

Now for the funny part!  Commie Chink Attorney General Willy Tong decrees that he will employ his powers to investigate ‘civil rights deprivation’ of the jew puppets running the school system, that discriminating against Catholics is illegal, that excluding non-paedo conservative individuals is un-American.  Tong’s investigation is promised to be ‘thorough’ and will take a long time.  Blog’s advanced sanitary department calls ‘bullshit’ on Tong.  The commie chink is in on the paedo hustle, he is a member of the paedo ring, his purpose is to protect child predators, that is why the chink has the AG job, the office is never trusted to someone who would wield its power to hunt down state paedophiles and cut their balls off.  This is Connecticut, paedo central of the North East, child predators protected by law enforcement, where screams of children are silenced.

The intricate web of jew ideology weaves thru all aspects of Connecticut government. Lamont scrambles for damage control, fabricating a cover story to pin Principal Jeremy Boland for radical comments not supported in public policy, a rogue school principal, like Boland did not learn to eschew Catholics from his masters?  The state must fire Boland, but if he talks, the jews are exposed, so he must be paid for his silence, or will soon have a severe case of Covid and die on an unplugged ventilator.  The jews are going batshit nuts!

But wait … if eschewing Catholics in teaching positions gets Tong’s attention, what about the civil rights deprivations of separating children from mothers in the jewish family court … not worthy of Tong’s civil rights enforcement powers?  Ruh roh, Scooby is on to something.  Raping childhood on jewish ideology is acceptable in the Judicial Branch, but not in the Department of Education?  WTF?  Did Tong just step in a massive pile of kosher shit?  He states:

Yesterday, most of us saw for the first time a video that appears to contain troubling, discriminatory statements that appear to have been made by a Greenwich public school official. Today, I am invoking my civil rights enforcement authority to investigate any potentially illegal discrimination or other actionable misconduct related to that video.

Discrimination, hate, bigotry against any person, and against any religion or on the basis of age, is reprehensible. The video is disturbing, and if teachers, school staff, or applicants for education jobs have been illegally discriminated against for any reason, I will take action. As your Attorney General, I will exercise my civil rights authority to protect people in Connecticut who are subjected to illegal discrimination, just I have protected Connecticut’s immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, and others subjected to discrimination and deprivation of rights.

The Now-Famous Blog opinion columnists call BULLSHIT on Tong.  Jews in a black robes discriminate against mothers in family court, taking away children, denying mother hugs to the fruit of her womb, playing jew fuckery on goy in defiance of Catholic theology, but Tong withholds his enforcement powers, he just looks away.  He is a very obedient jew puppet.  Tong must please his masters, otherwise he is a nobody, just another illegal immigrant working in the kitchen of a cheap chinese restaurant.  Tong’s only power comes from support for rape of children.  Does Tong realize Blog is watching?

Speaking of watching, notice that nigger girl Vanessa Avery Roberts, U.S. Attorney District Connecticut has been silent.  Her black ass has been told by her jew masters not to make a fuss over the entrenched anti-Catholic doctrine of the rabbinical edict, ignore that federal money is involved in the discriminatory practice, she is reminded who elevated her black cunt to the professional office of great social responsibility, she too is a jew puppet who will not lift a finger to protect children nor enforce federal law, against jewish edicts.

Editor’s Note:  The Connecticut jew mafia is exposed, no hope of a comeback, get popcorn, this is one for the history books!!

Tong commits political suicide, announcing investigation into jewish grooming at elementary schools, excluding Catholic teachers, jews hate the Church, but he will not touch family court … Tong is a jew.

Avery, US Attorney District Connecticut

The jew fed keeps Avery on a tight leash, she is not employed to protect children, quite the contrary.

Ruh roh, Scooby Doo smells a jew rat.