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Domestic Terrorism

The now-famous Worst Blog of the free speech kind provides public warning that John P. Doyle, Jr, state’s attorney for New Haven, GA23 is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, shredding protections of the Bill of Rights, a danger to society, a danger to himself, inciting imminent lawless action, angering deplorable mobs, as there is butthurt among public officials.

Doyle is another state paycheck sponge executing terrorism by order of the disgraced Richard Colangelo, the ‘former’ chief prosecutor, who abandoned post because of unethical conduct, abuse of office, while being a jerk.  Doyle does not understand First Amendment jurisprudence, two hundred years of case law protecting expressions to tear down crooked governments, burn corrupt institutions to the ground, dispatch government officials, employ flash and bang of the Second Amendment to protect Constitution.  Doyle begs it all.  His latest act of tyranny is to issue warrants to hunt free expression tucked away on private servers, connected to the world wide web.  Doyle’s terroristic mental defect overrides rule of law, providing twisted ‘probable cause’ that protected speech is criminal conduct in psychotic realm of his altered reality.  Conspiring with pooper scooper trooper 1st class Samantha McCord, who masquerades as a detective, Doyle misuses his office to satisfy the whining of miserable black-robed state employees who complain of speech about the fact they are miserable state employees:  Eric Coleman, Jane Grossman, Gerard Adelman, Robert Deichert.

The republic is collapsing, the criminal justice system, under direction of jewdicial authority is smashing doors, stealing property, alluding to crimes, while executing terrorism to chill expression of the sovereign people.  The tactics are well known to history of tyranny and oppression, beat the critics as a warning to others, leaving only the Second Amendment to protect liberty.  Mellakas, Doyle, Griffin play with matches, burning themselves in the process, when dry shot and powder become the people’s last defense, no one will cry over the death of tyrants, refreshment for the Tree of Liberty.