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Tucker’s Folly

The now-famous Blog rolls on the floor laughing at miscreant assistant attorney jerkoff John Tucker, state paycheck sponge, under supervision of blog star William Tong, yellow chink commie, defending against suit in fraud attempting to play the IMMUNITY card to save quackster UCONN Health psychologist Damion Grasso from the financial sting of a jury verdict for participating in family court character assassination. AAG Tucker blows some frivolous smoke in the face of Judge Susan Cobb, claiming employment by the state provides immunity from tort for ‘the-rapist’ misconduct, Cobb is not impressed, denying the fabricated claim of immunity, putting Grasso on notice that he faces a jury for his shenanigans in family court. His insurance is not going to cover non-patient related opinions, leaving his own wallet and meager assets to pay the inevitable judgment against him. Bring popcorn! This is gonna be good!

Dr. Damion Grasso, PhD, psychobabblist became a blog star two years ago by conspiring with smelly tampons of FreedMarcroft swearing to TAMMY! that little Odin Sakon was in danger from his father, that he should not have any visitation, and nutjob Francelia Sakon was really not insane. The scam backfired, blew up in Grasso’s face, buying a civil lawsuit for fraud, lies, deceit, which AG Tong immediately appeared to defend the errant quackster, an inappropriate use of public funds, demonstrating jewish muscle in defense of all court vultures participating in child trafficking. Tong is a mere foot-soldier of the jew. The law does not bend to jewish whim. Judge Cobb is not a jew. The legislature never conferred IMMUNITY on the office of a quackster, selling psychobabble for destruction of childhood. Judge Susan Cobb succinctly denied AAG Tucker’s incompetent pleading in less than two pages of explanation, proving again that pissant Maura Murphy Osborne cannot supervise bottom of the barrel, overpaid attorneys roosting in Tong’s office, incubating pensions, betraying public trust. The Connecticut Attorney General attempts to defend a childhood rapist, with public funds, in obedience to his jewish masters, a true commie chink!

Judge Cobb finds that state employees are not protected from suit for wanton, reckless or malicious actions, nor for actions outside the scope of their employment. Paternal character assassination for shekels is not in Grasso’s employment scope at UCONN Health. Destruction of father-son bonds by perjured affidavit in a lawyer’s lucrative but hostile custody action is quite reckless, leaving Tong with a mess. Grasso will be torn to shreds in front of a jury, taking the stand before his peers is not the same game as lying in TAMMY’s kangaroo court. Shit is gonna hit the fan! The gig is up, the word is out, it is open season on ‘the-rapists’ of family court. Caverly, Smith, now Grasso will never again step foot in the cesspool of childhood rape, a warning to all others, there is liability to playing the jewdicial racketeering scam, the shekels are not worth it. The lucrative custody battles will falter without ‘the-rapists’, absent the joo voo doo to rape childhood. Oi vey, what an interesting twist to the rule of jewdicial discretion, the rabbinical court initiates self-immolation.

Grasso will not survive trial by jury. He failed to notify DCF of his professional opinion that Odin Sakon is an abused child at the hand of the father, a legal requirement under state mandatory reporting law. Writing his affidavit on FreedMarcroft stationery was not too bright either. A jury is never going to buy his lies, he proves his own fraud, which will also cost him his state job and quackster license … all good things!

Editor’s Note:  Grasso is a criminal, perjuring himself at jewish direction for the purpose of severing a father-son bond, violating state reporting laws, where Tong rushes to his defense, the yellow commie chink tool of the jew shows his true colors … karma is coming.

Damion Grasso, a child trafficker, cannot be defended by Connecticut’s Attorney General in suit for reckless conduct outside his scope of employment at UCONN Health.

Dr. Grasso finds that peanuts, crackerjacks, the ol’ ball game with dad is harmful for Odin Sakon. Grasso is not a Red Sox fan.