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Sui Generis

The now-famous Blog observes the jewness of the Connecticut Superior Court in Judge Moukawsher’s misconduct in disbarring a zealous advocate for no cause in law. The unconstitutional drama of blog star Mouk approaches its one year anniversary, where the jewdicial machinery has ground to a stop, AAG Robert Deichert unable to pen a simple brief to defend miscreants Mouk and Adelman. A comedy of horrors plays out by chosen actors of the rabbinical court, masquerading as Superior Court of Connecticut. The cesspool of nutmeg jurisprudence stinks of jewish ideology. The nub of Mouk’s actions is unholy disbarment for calling out jews of family court for being jewish; voiding statutes, depriving rights, raping childhood, looting family bank, all to enrich jew parasites in a public forum.

Blog scholarly law department reports regulation of lawyers is delegated by the legislature to the judges, a holdover from the monarchy where royal judges held power over the kingdom’s lawyers, a foolish construct in America, as sovereign people hold all necessary powers to regulate a profession, same as hairdressers, plumbers, and tow truck drivers. If the jewdiciary is to be independent, then why allow judges to regulate a licensed profession? Separation of powers doctrine frowns on this arrangement, due process voided when a single judge in 1890 invokes summary disbarment power, beyond limits of the Practice Act of 1879, in violation of due process requirements of the Fourteenth Amendment; contradictions astound. Of technical note, disbarment is an act to protect the court, uphold integrity, assure confidence, not a criminal nor a civil action but SUI GENERIS. Moukawsher makes no claim that disbarring mom’s lawyer in the Ambrose case is necessary to protect the court. Moukawsher ignores childhood rape of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer; looting family bank, unjust enrichment of jew GAL by order of jew Judge Adelman, violation of statute. Mouk is a tool of the jew. Unjust disbarment is protection of the jews who control the court, such is obvious; Mouk’s personal betrayal of oath, trickery on a sovereign people; a warning to all others who dare speak truth. Why would an American court of adversarial construct give a shit when jews are called out in the Ambrose case, a simple, observable, matter of fact. Mouk’s disbarment implies the court holds cause to remove an unfit, dishonest, unsafe, unworthy, practitioner to safeguard the administration of justice, which he did not cite. Mouk brought down jewish retaliation against protected goy speak, shredding First Amendment; calling out family court jews, a simple truth. Right of professional privilege to practice law now turns on submission and obedience to jewish elements of the rabbinical court, subservience to talmudic law, bowing to chosen ones, abandoning constitutional protections for the ‘privilege’ to enter the rabbinical court. Now AAG Robert Deichert, his boss Maura Murphy-Osborne, and AG Willie Tong will claim Mouk acts within the law … a comedy script indeed! State funds will be expended to argue against the will of a free people, in constitutional defiance. AG’s brief is due in two weeks, Deichert has only lies to present to three stooges of the appellate court, AG Willie Tong will expose jewish allegiance thru meritless, frivolous, vexatious arguments against the Bill of Rights, an illicit mafia effort to obscure jewness of family court and its evil players; false claims of jewdicial discretion overriding due process and rule of law. Get popcorn, it is going to be a hilarious read … Tong exposed!

Blog star AAG Robert Deichert faces the legal brick wall that Moukawsher exercised a power which the Constitution withholds from him. No amount of nutmeg argle bargle, word salad, nor bullshit legalese can defeat this simple fact. Deichert would be wise to concede Mouk’s failure, decline to represent the rogue judge, as a sovereign people hold flash bang powers of the Second Amendment for the pursuit of life, liberty, and all who threaten it. The only public question remaining is why the Judiciary Committee of the General Assembly has not vetoed the 1890 rule, under CGS §51-14, placing ultimate control over court rules & practice under sovereign elected representatives … will Deichert argue against the power of the sovereign, act as a domestic enemy of the Constitution, beg his own demise as a terrorist?  Bring popcorn!!

Blog’s insanity department observes that AG commie chink Tong, the state’s lawyer, must argue against the power of a sovereign people in defense Moukawsher, an untenable position, begging impeachment. The AG lacks standing to defend unconstitutionally usurped powers of a rogue jewdiciary before the rogue bench, in defeat of separation of powers doctrine.

Blog’s theology department observes discretion of family court, wielded by a true believer, devoted to Prophet Mohammad, cannot separate a child from a parent; there is no Islamic belief of ‘best interest’ in severing sacred bonds; children are gifts of God, but mere shekel generators to the jew. The ‘custody fight’ trickery of family court is jewish subversion of theological belief in family, before God, of Christian and Islamic beliefs. A true believer, applying righteous swords, in protection of children, in defense of faith, beheads infidels like Moukawsher, Adelman, Grossman, along with false prophet Elliot Solomon, the grand architect of jewdicial discretion of familial destruction. Deichert’s upcoming brief in defense of Mouk/Adelman is a call to arms, a jihad of necessity of a sovereign people in protection of the Constitution, defense of fundamental liberties; eviscerating the unclean, exposing the jew, refreshing the Tree of Liberty.

Editor’s Note:  Family law of Connecticut is in conflict with religious beliefs, usurping free exercise clause of 1A, under color of ‘best interest’, being purely jewish interest; unclean, parasitic presence in an enlightened society, unholy worship of shekels,  joy in destroying all things Christian. Commie chink Tong’s brief ignites a holy war; Jihad motherfuckers!

Infidels, child predators, enemies of the Prophet, beheading per scripture, tree refreshment.

Jefferson and Prophet Mohammad share a common ideology; jews not so much.