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Matthew Condel Couloute

He’s Back!!!

    Woman beater, child predator, and Blog star Matthew Couloute is back in family court demanding sole custody of his abused daughter. He’s back to his old tricks of blaming everything wrong with his broken father-daughter relationship on others. Nothing is ever the fault of the great Couloute. Couloute and his buddy Attorney Ryan McGuigan left jew boy puppy cop, Brendan Danaher, hanging to face federal civil rights charges for perjury and falsifying information leading to the arrest of Couloute’s baby momma. He is out of friends in Connecticut, out of money in Georgia, out of work, feeds son of other baby momma with leftover food stamps, where the kid prefers… Read More »He’s Back!!!

    Probable Cause

      Time to take a close look at how the K9 Patrol of Bloomfield Police determines probable cause to arrest a mother to force the surrender of her child to a father who is barred from any contact by order of family court. Of great curiosity is why judges and prosecutors of the State of Connecticut played along in the attempt to traffic the child across state lines, on complaint of a resident of Georgia. The first red flag is the fact that the father is the infamous Matthew Condel Couloute, who has been previously represented by battle axe, retired Judge Annie Dranginis in a family matter involving sexual abuse of… Read More »Probable Cause

      Paedo Detective

        Spotlight Detective Suzanne Laiuppa of Bloomfield Police Department in the Connecticut paedophile utopia. The fact that nutmeg paedos operate so well is due to the protection they receive from the criminal justice system. The deviants of society behave in such a grotesque manner that their activities often get exposed. In a civilized society these miscreants would be stoned, beheaded, or burned at the stake. But in a jewish controlled society, the criminal deviants are protected by like minded deviant professionals of the justice system. A paedophile like Matthew Couloute will often be exposed by commentary made by his victim, like daughter Sofi, to a doctor, teacher, or family member. Abnormal… Read More »Paedo Detective

        Dyke Trafficker

          In the deviant world of trafficking children for devilish pleasures of the unclean, there are unscrupulous players usurping state powers to please the pedophiles of Connecticut. Meet Claudette Kosinski, an inspector in the employ of the State’s Attorney Office. Kosinski holds the same powers as a chief detective under the state’s criminal justice system. Kosinski is a butch dyke, a foul human of incompetent intellect, unable to differentiate criminal conduct from protected rights. She is just stupid, but knows enough to follow pedo instructions to recover Sofi Couloute, on orders from above. The effort of the nutmeg State pedo ring to retrieve a pleasure toy from Western New York is… Read More »Dyke Trafficker

          Brendon is fucked!

            Last week the pathetic Kristan M. Maccini, Esq. of Howd & Ludoff out of Hartford, CT appeared before federal Judge Stefan Underhill of D. Connecticut, to make some silly excuses over discovery in the blog famous case where puppy cop Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police is facing federal civil rights charges for conspiring to arrest a battered mother in safe haven at the request of blog famous Mathew Condel Couloute. The story made blog headlines three years ago when Couloute used his black privilege in the corrupt prosecutor fraternity to have Connecticut issue an interstate arrest warrant for his ex-wife, for the sole purpose of returning his sexually abused daughter… Read More »Brendon is fucked!

            Nigger Gail Hardy

              Time to call a paedo protecting spade a spade. Connecticut State’s Attorney for the Hartford GA is the chosen minority piece of shit nigger Gail Hardy, a black puppet of the ruling white elite who is too retarded to execute her job function, while she is busy protecting the state paedophile ring along with the thin blue line of white supremacist police thugs in the Nutmeg State. Gail Hardy is a retarded nigger with a worthless law degree from UCONN. She has been in the State’s Attorney Office since becoming a lawyer 1995. She is part of the feigned Connecticut ‘Criminal Justice Division’ which is nothing more than the official… Read More »Nigger Gail Hardy

              AFC: Kelly Ball

                Time to turn the public spotlight on the malpractice and misconduct of a New York State, court appointed, attorney for the child, Kelly Lynn Ball of Buffalo.  A miscreant of a human, a penchant for sexual deviancy involving children, this mental retard partied through Michigan State until running out of beer money in 1990.  After failing at waiting tables in the seedy section of Allentown, she went to SUNY Buffalo Law School, which provides most of the incompetent legal stock for the Buffalo area.  There is just not a huge demand for dummies from a bottom tier law school.  Our nutjob Attorney Ball started out with the massive legal powerhouse… Read More »AFC: Kelly Ball

                Erie County Sheriff: Pedo Protectors

                  The Erie County Sheriff, Timothy B. Howard is pedo muscle.  He personally oversaw the trafficking of Sophia Couloute back to the state certified child sexual abuser, the amazing Matthew Condel Couloute. Big tough little boy fucking Sheriff uses his badge, gun and attitude to drag little five-year old Sophia Couloute kicking and screaming back to the father who has no income, provides no medical insurance, refuses to pay child support as ordered by the court, drugs Sophia with an unnamed over the counter ucky tasting medicine which messes up her memory, never takes the kid to the doctor, no well child plan, leaves the kid at home alone or with… Read More »Erie County Sheriff: Pedo Protectors

                  Who is protecting Matthew Couloute?

                    Public scrutiny of the shenanigans of Family Court turns up unexplainable oddities that only confirm the suspicion that judges are on the take and controlled by powers of evil lurking in the shadows of society.  Child endangerment. Let’s take the strangeness which surrounds Matthew Condel Couloute, Jr.  A strange black man with two kids from two different white women.  He appears before the less than Honorable Sybil Richards of Connecticut Superior Court for a matter of child support brought by mother of his son Xavier.  Pretty simple process, fill out forms, declare income, perform some simple mathematics on a ‘worksheet’ and presto, the child support order is done.  But not… Read More »Who is protecting Matthew Couloute?

                    Punishment By Child

                      The U.S. Constitution is designed to check the limits of government powers.  The Eighth Amendment prohibits inflicting ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.  Jewdicial monster Sharon LoVallo in Erie County Family Court thinks she has the power to inflict punishment on a mother by taking her child away. Yep, you read that right.  Our jewish lady of Talmud, Judge Sharon LoVallo has made threats from the bench that she will strip a child from a parent as a form of court punishment.  A judge in a court under the state constitution formed by the federal Constitution is using federal and state funds to violate the Eighth Amendment with malice. Shall we stop… Read More »Punishment By Child