Paedo Detective

Spotlight Detective Suzanne Laiuppa of Bloomfield Police Department in the Connecticut paedophile utopia. The fact that nutmeg paedos operate so well is due to the protection they receive from the criminal justice system. The deviants of society behave in such a grotesque manner that their activities often get exposed. In a civilized society these miscreants would be stoned, beheaded, or burned at the stake. But in a jewish controlled society, the criminal deviants are protected by like minded deviant professionals of the justice system.

A paedophile like Matthew Couloute will often be exposed by commentary made by his victim, like daughter Sofi, to a doctor, teacher, or family member. Abnormal behaviour of a young child involving thrusting motions of hips and butt is a telltale sign that she learned it from someone engaged in criminal activity. The red flags are easy to spot. How would a five year old know where an adult penis does not fit? If daddy is black, why can the child describe a white man’s penis? Simple stuff. The way to protect the paedo is for a person of authority to discount the information and discredit the adult who brings forth the ‘concern’ that perhaps the child is a victim of sexual abuse.

This is precisely the job of Detective Suzanne Laiuppa. When the abuse complaint gets to her desk, it is her function to divert the complaint to an endless regime of searching for ‘evidence’, making fuss that the reporting adult is making up stories to malign the father, or to simply drag out the ‘investigation’, in pretense. In the case of Matthew Couloute, Detective Laiuppa held evidence of sexual abuse of little Sofi brought by complaint and confirmed by medical professionals, child protective services, and statements made by the child herself. But Laiuppa did her job of doing nothing, dragging out the matter, waiting for more evidence, stonewalling the investigation, and pointing fingers at the mother. A sworn law enforcement officer is required to file charges and arrest the perps on probable cause that sexual abuse of a minor has occurred. Not Laiuppa. When one of the perps is the protected Couloute and the other is pal Ryan McGuigan, no cop is going to lift a finger to protect a child, for fear of the power of the state paedo ring.

But Laiuppa is such an expert in crimes of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and cases like Sofi Couloute’s that she recently gave a community presentation “INTRODUCTION TO CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING“, a community event, hosted by the Blue Hills Fire Department. Laiuppa states: “The purpose of this event is to educate attendees on the prevalence of child sex trafficking, laws pertaining to it, warning signs and ways to respond and combat this heinous crime. Attendees will be informed about support services available to them and to child sex trafficking victims. Case studies will be reviewed and discussed. Relevant resource materials will be provided.” Needless to say, Laiuppa did not mention Sofi’s case, nor how she buried it, or how her brother Brendan Danaher falsified evidence to make mom the criminal, how Laiuppa can ignore medical evidence of child molestation, how she can bury the matter so the criminal justice system takes no action against protected members of the state paedophile ring. Laiuppa makes a mockery of justice, to protect the deviant pleasures of her bosses.

Detective Laiuppa is under the control of Chief Paul Hammick of BPD. She has contact with the dyke investigator Claudette Kosinski of the State’s Attorney office, she is a thin blue line brother of the amazing K9 Officer Brendan Danaher, who takes complaints from residents of Georgia. Laiuppa is part of the ring. Sofi gets no justice. How pedo detectives roll.

Bloomfield Police Detective Suzanne Laiuppa, investigates child trafficking and protects the perps, part of the ring.
Supporting more than queers. BPD protects paedophiles.
Child sex trafficker in uniform, Suzanne Laiuppa