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Matthew Couloute: School Bully

Nothing can be simple with Mr. Matthew Condel Couloute.  All is drama, all is bully boy on women.  The latest escapade is that Couloute won’t let mom pick up his daughter from school.  Anything herpes boy can do to spread hate, discontent and bacteria, he will do….that narcissit thing.

The latest lies go something like this, he is now really a resident of Georgia.  GA drivers license of 28 December 2016, confiscated by GA law enforcement because he forget to surrender his Connecticut license showing he lives at 51 Meadowcrest in Fairfield, but he told the NY court he lives in Bloomfield; well now he has a reissued GA driver’s license showing he lives in Cumming, GA.  He also is renting a house from his mother for $1,500 a month as of August, so he can enroll play toy daughter in Brookwood Elementary School.  Free public education, but Couloute still can’t manage to get health insurance for his daughter in Georgia.  Nice Cadillac, but no health insurance, no house, no job, no tax returns and of course no child support payments.

Today’s bullying event came about because Couloute hoodwinked the Brookwood Elementary School principal Patty Allen into threatening mother with arrest if she came to pick up Sofi at the end of the school day.  Big mean daddy told principal another Couloute lie.  He is so good at lying that Judge Carney and Judge LoVallo believed he lived in Bloomfield, Connecticut all this time.  He lies about having a job, about paying taxes, about just about everything.  Even lies about playing baby dragon games with his diseased appendage and his white lawyer pal.  Even Children’s Hospital people are lying too….just ask Couloute.

For some delusional reason, Couloute the Nut thinks he has the power to prevent the joint custodial mother from picking up kid at school, like normal kids get picked up.  Strange thing is that there are no pick up restrictions listed in the registration paperwork for Brookwood Elementary.  The Principal of the school stated that Couloute himself refused to sign the proper permission slip for the custodial mother to pick up the kid.  More bullying by Couloute.  But the sheriff had to get involved and ask why the assistant principal was threatening mother with arrest.  Typical Matthew Condel Couloute the narcissistic bully who can’t resist making a fuss over every little thing, just to show his black manliness over women whose bones he can break.

This is not going to end well.  A nut job child abuser, perpetual liar, woman beater and overall bully.  Does this little girl stand a chance?  Stay tuned folks, the conclusion Couloute’s drama will be headline news.