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Dyke Trafficker

In the deviant world of trafficking children for devilish pleasures of the unclean, there are unscrupulous players usurping state powers to please the pedophiles of Connecticut. Meet Claudette Kosinski, an inspector in the employ of the State’s Attorney Office. Kosinski holds the same powers as a chief detective under the state’s criminal justice system. Kosinski is a butch dyke, a foul human of incompetent intellect, unable to differentiate criminal conduct from protected rights. She is just stupid, but knows enough to follow pedo instructions to recover Sofi Couloute, on orders from above.

The effort of the nutmeg State pedo ring to retrieve a pleasure toy from Western New York is well documented. Matthew Couloute from Georgia makes false complaint to Officer Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield PD, on direction of dirty Judge Danaher, where Assistant State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell gets Judge Omar Williams to issue the arrest warrant. But another piece is needed to snatch the playtoy from across state lines … extradition approval. Enter the Dyke. Bloomfield PD enters bail restrictions on the mother that she must surrender the child to be allowed bail. Give up the kid to her abuser or stay in jail. So when mom is collared, pedos recover the toy. Can’t have a little girl telling stories of playing Baby Dragon game with the penises of daddy and his friends to folks outside the control of nutmeg pedos.

Danaher makes an extradition request to the State’s Attorney Office, attaching the specific requirement the mother be arrested in another state and that the child be surrendered as a condition of bail. The request goes to INSPECTOR CLAUDETTE KOSINSKI, a sworn law enforcement officer who approves the child snatching request of Danaher to traffic little Sofi to the pedos’ pleasure. No questions asked, she is in on it.

The arrangement is so slick, as it treats playtoy recovery as a kidnapping crime, but disguises it as custodial interference drama. If Danielle O’Connell had even mentioned parental kidnapping, the U.S. Marshals would instantly be involved to recover the child … can’t have that! The U.S. Marshals are not so stupid, as to not recognize the illegal activity affected through the state’s criminal justice system. Feds would have locked up Couloute, Danaher, O’Connell, Williams and dyke Kosinski … all on federal fraud and conspiracy charges. Best to conceal the true activity from federal attention.

The arrest of mom was just a ruse to force her to give up the child, where Judge Jose Suarez was sitting in family court ready to award sole custody to Couloute and cut off mom’s access to her child. A sure way to prevent penis identification in a federal line up. Kosinski was instrumental in the scam, as extradition of a battered mother in safe haven, protecting a sexually abused child in another state was not going to fly under review by any competent human knowledgeable of law. The people of Connecticut had no cause to traffic little Sofi on the complaint of the State pedo ring. Claudette Kosinski was the perfect miscreant to commit to interstate child trafficking. See her signature approving extradition here.

That is how it is done. The pedo child abuser Couloute lies to pedo player Brendan Danaher who magically creates a false affidavit in application for an arrest warrant, which Assistant State’s Attorney Danielle O’Connell approves, wherein Judge Omar Williams turns into an arrest warrant on behalf of an unsuspecting sovereign people, then INSPECTOR CLAUDETTE KOSINSKI reviews and approves for extradition, requiring that the child be surrendered. So slick. But real law enforcement officers in western New York call bullshit! The same day the arrest warrant and Kosinski’s handiwork is reviewed by professionals in NY, Officer Danaher is informed that NY will not be surrendering the child and quietly filed the warrant in the get it done later folder. Daddy pedo Couloute was rebuffed by the local police, where he then had to call his pedo buddies to get the Erie County Sheriff to hunt mother and child, a task they failed at, as well.

In the end, Claudette Kosinski committed a crime by approving extradition for the sole purpose of trafficking a child sex toy for the state pedo ring. The scam failed to retrieve the child, prosecutors dropped the charges against mom, in front of Judge Budzik, concealing the fact as to why. None of the players suspected that a blog would recognize the conspiracy to traffic a pedo playtoy across state lines under the color of state law.

The little girl lives happily with her mother, under the jurisdiction of NY courts, without any love or support from pedo dad, but is free of predators like Claudette Kosinski and Brendan Danaher. All that is left to clean up the mess is to hand down the indictments from a federal grand jury.

Inspector Claudette Kosinski, dyke on the left with her wife. Conspirator to child trafficking for the sexual exploitation of children.