Probable Cause

Time to take a close look at how the K9 Patrol of Bloomfield Police determines probable cause to arrest a mother to force the surrender of her child to a father who is barred from any contact by order of family court. Of great curiosity is why judges and prosecutors of the State of Connecticut played along in the attempt to traffic the child across state lines, on complaint of a resident of Georgia.

The first red flag is the fact that the father is the infamous Matthew Condel Couloute, who has been previously represented by battle axe, retired Judge Annie Dranginis in a family matter involving sexual abuse of his daughter. Dranginis appeared before Judge Ficeto to protect her fellow law partner, Ryan McGuigan of RomeMcGuigan, PC who participated in playing the Baby Dragon game of exposing male appendages. Dranginis directly informed mother’s counsel to drop the matter or mom would never hug the child again.

A second red flag is the curious involvement of the K9 rookie cop Brendan Danaher in a town where no one involved resided. But puppy cop’s daddy is the slippery Judge John A. Danaher, which explains the singular use of this K9 officer in the Department of sixty professionals, for an interstate domestic dispute of non-residents . No sergeants or detectives were assigned to the Couloute complaint, just one rookie puppy cop, who wrote down everything he was told as ‘evidence’ without any investigation or review, as if the staff was told to ignore the misconduct afoot. K9 cop himself fraudulently recorded that Couloute resided in Fairfield, knowing full well that his Georgia driver’s license proved otherwise. A Bloomfield cop commits perjury for Couloute; the mayor should be proud!

K9 cop is so knowledgeable of civil matters that he specifies bail conditions requiring mother to surrender the child to Couloute. But Danaher is aware that Couloute is barred from having any access to the child by order of the NY family court. How can a cop in Connecticut demand an action which is prohibited by a court holding jurisdiction over the child and the parents? Where did a K9 cop get the notion to make such requirement for bail? If there is an abducted/missing child across state lines under the jurisdiction of Connecticut, then federal law enforcement will apprehend the perp and recover the kidnapped child, but not in the case of Matthew Couloute. He gets special services from the Bloomfield K9 patrol.

But wait! What is the Fourth Amendment probable cause identified by puppy cop that mother had committed a crime? An examination of Officer Danaher’s arrest warrant application reveals not a hint of a crime. A father living in Georgia complaining to a Connecticut cop that his daughter lives near Buffalo under NY family court jurisdiction is not a criminal matter in Connecticut, Georgia, or New York. So what in the name of Connecticut Pedo Ring is going on?

Let’s examine the perjury contained in Officer Danaher’s sworn application to arrest. First, puppy cop claims all information is based on his personal knowledge or information supplied by other officers … bullshit to that; he just regurgitates what Couloute told him. Couloute lied to the police in stating that a Connecticut court had found the mother in contempt. Danaher repeats the lie in his affidavit. Having no copy of a contempt finding by the court, Danaher willfully and intentionally commits perjury at paragraph 1 and 5. Danaher, fully aware that the child and the parents are under the jurisdiction of NY, states: I informed [mother] that the order granted in NY did not supercede CT’s order.” This is police work? A puppy cop with a pooper scooper decides the power of a NY court over children of that state? This betrays Danaher’s involvement in the child trafficking scheme. A clown who can’t get parking tickets straight is going to tell the State of New York to return a child sex toy? Two days prior, a judge of Erie County Family Court cut off all access by Couloute to the abused child, Danaher was in possession of the orders. Couloute had been summoned to a hearing in NY. Couloute was in contact with the lawyer representing the mother and was aware that NY had appointed counsel for the child. But puppy cop swore in his affidavit that the Nutmeg courts ‘superceded’ the NY court. Another act of perjury by the thin blue pedo pedo line, at paragraph 7.

Given that mother and father held joint custody of the child, neither parent able to provide shelter for the child, the father not paying support or exercising visitation, left the mother to seek safe haven with the grandparents, a legally permissible and requisite action. Couloute ‘believed’ it was criminal conduct for a mother to seek shelter and feed his daughter, giving him cause to press charges. Danaher played along, using his ‘specialized training’ in criminal and other matters, betraying his pedo prejudice. Danaher claims that Couloute’s complaint of non-compliance to an agreement of the parties is criminal conduct, cites no criminal code for such, and conceals from the prosecutor that Couloute abandoned his daughter when he relocated to Georgia. There was no probable cause of any crime by anyone.

Let’s examine the case of another divorced dad, Thomas Weismuller of North Stonington in 2018 when, after winter holidays, he refused to return his kids to the joint custodian mother in their home state of Alaska. The Alaska court issued a writ of assistance requesting enforcement by Connecticut police, who refused unless it was ordered by a local court. The mother hired a local attorney to obtain the order from New London Family Court, where mother then traveled to Connecticut to retrieve the kids, escorted by the local police. The difference is striking to say the least.

Danaher’s perjury was accepted without question by prosecutor Danielle O’Connell of Hartford, a pedo player who does what she is told by her dirty boss, Gail Hardy. Judge Omar Williams, another pal of Couloute signs the arrest warrant despite the lack of any probable cause, tossing Fourth Amendment requirements to the wind. A custodian cannot commit the crime of custodial interference, simple! The Constitution does not stand in the way of the pedo ring in recovery of a child sex toy. As the Connecticut court cannot protect a child nor apply the law, the only alternative for the people is violence. A few child traffickers found dead in a ditch; crooked cops, prosecutors, and judges run feet first through a woodchipper, discharging into Lake Zoar for fish food; death rays, smart bombs, thirty round magazines of 308 ball ammo thru two panes of glass, the usual fare. But when the Connecticut criminal justice system commits perjury for the benefit of a ring of predators targeting children, perhaps more medieval remedies are appropriate: rats gnawing thru flesh, crows pecking out eyeballs, hot coals, branding irons, or the Crown classic of ripping out the tongue of a liar … remedy of the ancients! Headless pedos in black robes floating down the Connecticut River … justice! Or just some good old concrete shoes and a walk in Long Island Sound, gangsta’ favorite!

There is probable cause that Office Brendan Danaher and his pals are connected to a criminal enterprise involving the sexual abuse of children and protection of the perps, just sayin’.

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