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Brendon is fucked!

Last week the pathetic Kristan M. Maccini, Esq. of Howd & Ludoff out of Hartford, CT appeared before federal Judge Stefan Underhill of D. Connecticut, to make some silly excuses over discovery in the blog famous case where puppy cop Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police is facing federal civil rights charges for conspiring to arrest a battered mother in safe haven at the request of blog famous Mathew Condel Couloute.

The story made blog headlines three years ago when Couloute used his black privilege in the corrupt prosecutor fraternity to have Connecticut issue an interstate arrest warrant for his ex-wife, for the sole purpose of returning his sexually abused daughter to the employment of pleasuring his pals in Georgia. The State of Connecticut actually issued the interstate arrest warrant, approved by Governor Malloy, on the complaint of a resident of Georgia, about a mother living in the State of New York. Can’t make this shit up! The paedo ring of Corrupticut holds some serious evil powers. The law does not matter to paedophiles.

Puppy cop Brendan is left holding the liability bag for the misconduct of players of the state’s criminal justice system from Couloute up to the Governor. Brendan is facing a federal lawsuit for deprivation of rights of the hunted, battered mother. He is represented by a jerk of a lawyer, Kristan M. Maccini, another idiot with a law degree from UCONN. Maccini acted like a jerk in front of Judge Underhill, whining about irrelevant matters of discovery, which hold no bearing on the fact that her client Brendan is guilty of being paedo muscle for the ring, who must now take the fall for what he was ordered to do. The game is obvious.

The people of Bloomfield are on the hook for the fact that their employee, Brendan, acting under the direction of town gestapo chief Paul Hammick did violate federal law in taking a complaint from a nigger in Georgia, falsifying an arrest affidavit and pursuing an innocent mother across state lines for the sole purpose of regaining control of a paedo play toy. Oi vey, the pedos don’t even try to hide it anymore.

Next fun will be when Brendan takes the Fifth in his depositions, as he is not allowed to expose the players who directed his dirty deeds. This will drag out in excruciating legal delay because Kristan M. Maccini knows her client is fucked, as is the Town of Bloomfield. The federal investigation soon to follow … once John Hughes is found floating in the river. In the meantime, Maccini will be milking Brendan’s defense for big bucks, mega billable hours, and a great bonus from Howd&Ludorf for profiting from illegal conduct of a member of the Thin Blue Line.

It is amazing to note that state Judge Matthew Budzik had no idea of the scam that was being played on his court, when Gail Hardy pursued false criminal charges, fabricated by Brendan for a nigger in Georgia. Guess Judge Budzik was played pretty hard by a bunch of paedophiles or was he in on it too?

Kristan Maccini of Howd&Ludorf is the lawyer for the state paedo ring, defending Brendan Danaher of Bloomfield Police Department.