Protecting Children

The recent drama in Cook County involving a mother-child bond and the clot shot exposed the jews of family court in full splendor. The new revelation is that the little kid was represented by Attorney Michael Bender, who did absolutely nothing when jew Judge James Shapiro violated his client’s constitutional rights. In America, the free and the brave do not employ ten year old little… Read More »Protecting Children

Gloucester Grimm

The jews are at it again, this time undermining the norms of indoor plumbing installed under building codes at the local schools where minors go to pee. Oi vey, is there nothing out of reach of jewery in the American society? Let us bow our heads and pray that these Old Testament fuckups will just die, leaving the meek to inherit the earth. Miscreant Gavin… Read More »Gloucester Grimm

Illusion Of Law

It is obvious to most victims of family courts that there is no law, no justice, no logic; just the whim of discretion of a moron in a black robe who rules from the Talmud rather than the Constitution. The jews own family court. A bully pulpit to advance the agenda of Zion to destroy the Christian host society and the ancient meaning of family.… Read More »Illusion Of Law

Butcher Mary Brown

Self-mutilation is a sure sign of a sick mind. An order by Dallas Judge Mary Brown to butcher a child is a sure sign of a sick society. The court power over children derives from the state’s duty to protect the infirm and infants. Labeled parens patriae, the protective state duty is exercised solely through the courts, meaning that the judges presiding over cases involving… Read More »Butcher Mary Brown

Zealous Jewery

The attack on Christianity by the jews of the New York Jewdiciary is a page straight from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the playbook on how to fuck up a host society. The NY Court of Appeals does not even try to hide their jewism in the administration of justice over the Empire State. The jewdicial game played on the goy in a… Read More »Zealous Jewery

Chief Disciplinary Conspirator

Just when you thought that the Connecticut Judiciary held the State’s interest at heart, along comes Brian B. Staines masquerading as Chief Disciplinary Counsel to remind us that we are just four legged animals who don’t matter to the chosen ones. Oi vey, the jews are at it again. In order for the Connecticut Jewdiciary to provide the goyim with the illusion of legitimate authority,… Read More »Chief Disciplinary Conspirator

Jewish Best Interest

Time to take a hard look at the jewish wordsmithing of the concocted term ‘best interest’ of the child. For the history buffs, this term was introduced into the Christian world in 1925, by a sephardic jew in a black robe who sat on the high court of the State of New York. Judge Cardozo stated in Finlay v Finlay that ‘the judge acts as… Read More »Jewish Best Interest

Jewish LAW!

The law in family court is simply the whim of the judge; discretion. Nothing more, nothing less, but that is the game. So what could be more laughable than a jew lawyer claiming that the family court must uphold JEWISH LAW! Seriously, the blog cannot make this shit up. Again the unreal occurs in the wasteland of Connecticut. This time in the jewish capital of… Read More »Jewish LAW!


New York’s Jeffrey Dinowitz takes on forensic psycho-babble in family court. Just when you thought the jews had everything under control in family court, along comes Jeffrey Dinowitz, NY assemblyman from the Bronx to really confuse the issue. Jeff is chair of the state judiciary committee, Jeff is a jew, Jeff has lived forever in the Bronx, Jeff has never been through a divorce, Jeff… Read More »FORENSIC SCRUTINY?

Unethical Emons!

What does an unethical judge do after she gets kicked off the bench for being unethical? She lectures on ethics!!! Just when we thought that bad judges disappear from the legal landscape, we find the blog famous Judge Jane Emons in the public eye, pretending she is an authority on ethics. The famous blog cannot make this shit up! Our dear Jane was spotted giving… Read More »Unethical Emons!