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Not So Bright

The now-famous Blog spotlights the incompetence of Connecticut intermediate appellate court, a scam on taxpayers to provide the appearance of appellate review over rogue clowns of trial courts. Created in 1982, panels of three stooges sit to review the pathetic work product of trial judges, how Connecticut survived from 1776 without such tribunal exposes the sad state of present day jurisprudence; so called practice of law by buffoons of the bar. For the first century of the State, no jews sat on the bench; present day roster of black robes is replete with queers, jews, niggers, ‘spics, paedophiles, morons, anarchists, and political deviants promoting private agendas designed to eliminate America. Note the nutmeg jewdiciary did not sit a nigger on the Superior Court until 1976.

Judge William Bright oversees the court and nine clowns in black who tag team citizens in panels of three to upend the rule of law, thru a kafkaesque maze of filing procedures, ensuring decisions take at least two years and copious amounts of legal fees, enriching bar scum. Few peasants caught up in family court recognize that three stooge panels will not review discretionary orders of jews like Adelman, Wetstone, Truglia, Grossman, who whimsically sever parent-child bonds on cause of dissolution of marriage; appealing custody/visitation orders is a nullity, but false hope is promoted by lecherous lawyers in pursuit of shekels. Judge Bright’s court will not recognize the constitutionally protected parent-child liberty interest, thumbing his crooked nose at SCOTUS. Bright’s court is a rubber stamp, approving jewish ideology of familial destruction, racketeering, and looting by family division. Bright is a domestic terrorist, deserving a traitor’s demise.

Blog legal beagle hound pound sniffs out Bright’s failure to uphold rule of law in two glaring opinions, voiding state supreme court case law … a grotesque failure, exposing lack of intellect, betraying allegiance to chosen masters, at the end of his puppet strings.  The case of Rose Strobel voids First Amendment redress clause, while disregarding century old case law, affirming family court’s duty to decide all questions/disputes put before it. Jew Judge Holly Wetstone tossed mother Strobel out of court, barred access, for the simple cause mother knew her child was being abused, trafficked, where Holly performed a momectomy, directed by the paedophile mafia. The appellate court upheld Holly’s rogue decision, which is presently applied to bar a fit parent from seeking redress; tyranny in black. The state supreme court case law of Anheman v Anheman holds family court’s duty to hear all such motions. Bright’s court conspires to defraud the public, deny rights, protect paedophiles, abuse children. Nigger Boy Robinson and Judge Not-So-Bright turn a blind eye to the contradiction … constitutional protections be damned.

The case of Simms v Seaman voids another century old ruling of the higher court, where appellate court upholds right of attorneys to lie, commit fraud, absent fear of reprisal suit, under false claim of implied immunity, conflicting with Bar v Taylor requiring honor of attorneys; conspiracy to defraud the public by Nigger Boy Robinson and William Not-So-Bright. Modern day lawyers hold jewdicial privilege to lie, cheat, conceal, defraud, in the name of litigation, while pretending to be honest members of society. The twisted minds of jews in black robes reduce courts to cesspools of deception, rule of law yielding to extortion. There is no ‘honorable profession’ in the practice of law in gulag Connecticut, just prisoners, labelled citizens, liberties controlled by jewish wardens.

The same jewdicial racketeering scam is played by Attorney Eric Nusbaum, who cheats clients, steals fees, performs  no measurable legal service, but employs the jewdicial scam to pursue payments from his victims. Nusbaum is a dual blog star, appearing in the famous blog and in the FrankReport. Read about the little jew thief:  Nusbaum Fraud, Shylock Nusbaum, Nusbaum $68k, Nusbaum The Joker!, along with FrankReport articles: Nusbaum Secret, Nusbaum $100k Emails, Corrupt Nusbaum. Jew Edward Nusbaum of Westport is protected by the jewdiciary to fleece unsuspecting citizens under the guise of ‘legal services’ … but he is not honest, not believed to be honest, practices craft of plunder and loot, all for shekels.

Editor’s Note:  When government becomes destructive of the common good, it is people’s duty to abolish it, smart bombs, laser beams, photon torpedoes held under Second Amendment provide such a means, even .50 cals.

William Bright and his nine stooges.

.50 cals, a 2A abolishment for destructors of common good, a moral necessity.