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Attorney Chris Goulden of Milford, bottom of the barrel lawyerly scum of the Connecticut Bar, steps into Blog spotlight, representing blog star Christopher Ambrose in the ongoing drama of childhood rape, emotional pain, and overall misery of Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, prisoners of a mad man who lives in an altered reality of script writing and make believe. Get popcorn!

Four weeks ago, Mia voids jewdicial orders of child abuse, runs away from prison at 381 Horse Pond Road in Madison, knocking dad out of the running for father of the year award, exposing his pedo deviancy to the world by filing a sexual abuse complaint against him in juvenile court. To show his fatherly love for his daughter, he cancels her phone, cutting off her teenage social support network, then demands Madison Police arrest mom for custodial interference, which does not apply to runaways; no criminal activity involved, just one shitty dad. Next he files for a restraining order on behalf of Mia against mom, as next friend, claiming Mia is victim of physical abuse by mom; forgets to tell Mia. Then, last Friday, Ambrose petitions ‘spic Judge Eddie Rodriguez for an order to have Madison Police seize Mia, cuff her, toss her in the paddy wagon, ‘return’ her to his home prison! The jewdicial ‘spic sets the request to a hearing!!! Bring popcorn, come to the armpit of Bridgeport Friday, 26 May at 9.30am to watch the child’s best interest in action, hear the eloquent legal arguments of Attorney Chris Goulden on virtues of jewdicial discretion to fuck over a young girl’s life. Three years of isolation from mother is not enough, Goulden demands police recapture the escaped child, that mother be found in contempt of jew Judge Adelman’s inhumane orders of last year, which repeat jew Judge Grossman’s prior orders prohibiting kids from hugging mom and that mother cannot respond to screams of her children, all based on recommendations of jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, on maniacal opinion of jew Jessica Caverly, cheered on by dad’s prior attorney jew Nancy Aldrich of Westport. The child must be captured, the power of the court to rape childhood must be vindicated, mother must be jailed! Just another day in jewville. But soon Attorney Goulden will have to disclose to Judge Rodriguez that his client, The Mad Man, is a respondent in a juvenile abuse case, where Mia is represented by appointed counsel.

Standard Blog disclaimer: Ain’t makin’ this shit up!

Editor’s Note:  The Second Amendment may be all that is left to protect children from jewdicial monsters of family court.

Spics, jews, and a mad man, raping childhood under color of state law.


Attorney Chris Goulden of Milford, pleads for Mad Man Chris Ambrose for police recovery of Mia, the escaped prisoner.