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Allan Kassenoff

The now-famous Blog extends accolades to Attorney Allan Kassenoff, of Larchmont, NY, a partner in the very jewish law firm of GreenbergTraurig, a lecherous den of legal kikes of expert fleecing skills, with partners who abuse children for satanic pleasures, abuse the court system by privilege, showing true jew colors of societal parasites, designed to profit from purposeless conflict. GT advertises itself as professional, espousing quality of legal skills, omitting the goal of rape, plunder, and loot. GT is innovative, demonstrated by Kassenoff in his ability to destroy the lives of his three daughters in full public view; GT shows how it is done, driving a mother to suicide by unethical manipulation of the courts, judges, prosecutors. GT wants the world to know its legal expertise can kill the opposing party, permanently scar three little girls, for a cost of $3m the mother of your children can be dead too!

Allan Kassenoff exemplifies the firm’s culture of collaboration, using every available resource to destroy his own children, vilify motherhood, demonstrate to society the meaningless concept of marriage, lack of devotion to family, abuse of childhood, all the elements Satan desires in a free society, purchased with shekels from the unclean. GT is just the law firm Lucifer needs to inflict sin upon the world. Kassenoff and GT are the devil’s foot soldiers, scaly red skin, tails hidden under expensive suits, bidents concealed in leather briefcases. The anti-Christ is a jew, GT his law firm.

The demonic saga of Allan Kassenoff’s vicious, vindictive, vexatious attack on the mother of his children is well documented, played out in a public forum, read FrankReport: GT Defends Kassenoff, Kassenoff Rage, Kassenoff Abuse, Crafty Kassenoff, Kassenoff Custody Eval, Kassenoff Suicide. An American tragedy of jewish power and influence by unscrupulous monsters of GreenbergTruarig can tear children from the mother who brought them into the world, a corporate culture so alien to humanity that it is only justified in the talmud. The corporate sloths of GT are so proud of the public antics of Kassenoff that they placed him on a leave of absence to distance his demonic destruction of his daughters from the illusion of a professional, trustworthy law firm. GT’s management is in crisis mode, given no respectable client will associate with a law firm hell bent on destruction of motherhood and children. The drama exposes true culture of the demonic firm. Bullshit slogan of Culture Commitment Diversity is mere smoke and mirrors to conceal the fires of hell propelling its staff. Real slogan is KILL MOTHERS, RAPE CHILDHOOD, MAKE MONEY. Purely jewish edicts, parasitic practices, advancing anti-Christian values. CEO Brian Duffy has some explaining to do, as to why Kassenoff was allowed to pummel his wife and children over four years, dragging the firm’s name thru the mud, why his psychotic need to harm his own family was not vetted by HR or GT’s risk committee. A crisis management team is busy with damage control, clients are asking ethical questions, while seeking replacement counsel. Duffy cannot even face his own mother, mother of his children, he is a runt whose jewish upbringing blinds him to reality of public opinion and protection of precious children. Duffy has a BudLight disaster, with criminal elements of how a GT law partner employed the firm’s influence to manipulate judges and prosecutors, exposing the true corporate values of GreenbergTraurig, a deviant, demonic, inhumane bunch of jews with law licenses, and penchant for criminal conduct.

Get popcorn! Sit back and watch GT burn, partners leave, Kassenoff be disbarred, criminal investigations, a trail of tears, all brought on by psycho Allan Kassenoff’s hatred of motherhood and his own children, a jew unfit to practice law, a crook, a monster, a danger to society.

Editor’s Note:  Damage control efforts by GT are pointless, exposed as a terroristic, demonic, inhumane firm in the practice of familial destruction, the massive damage in supporting Kassenoff’s insanity cannot be undone, clients will run, no corporate ethics department can condone GT’s destruction of a mother.

GT CEO Brian Duffy supported partner Kassenoff’s abuse of law, destruction of motherhood, rape of childhood.

GT expert legal services destroy four lives, a legal victory by psychosis of a mad man and a jewish law firm.