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What the fuck is a Ketubah and why does Connecticut give a shit? Jews of Connecticut light their hair on fire to show goy that chosen law supersedes the Constitution, all bend the knee to those above the law! The state supreme court has taken up claim by Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen that ancient jewish customs forbid him to pay alimony to his ex-wife as ordered by Judge Karen Goodrow, oi vey! Jewish word-salad pretends this Ketubah thing is ‘contract law’, under Talmud law, which must be recognized by the court as binding, voiding ‘broad discretion‘ of the family court to fuck over whomever it wants, however it cares to. The case has a curious trajectory, argued before jews of the trial court Goodrow and Klau, appealed, but snatched up to the state high court for what is jewish exceptionalism. Alimony awards flow from discretion of the trial judge, but obviously this is a problem for jews … those special fucks who have to be different from everyone else, because they are chosen!

Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen does not have money to pay alimony, but can afford jew Attorney Howard Fetner of DayPitney to frivolously argue against constitutional principles based on jewness. Fetner is a product of Yale and Harvard Law, yeshivas designed to promote tyranny and destruction of American life, a chosen parasite, chipping away at the laws of the host society. Blog legal department notes that the ancient Ketubah only exists in the occupied territory of Palestine where a bunch of jews agree to its existence, where Blog geography department notes that Rabbi Tilsen’s divorce is handed down by Connecticut Superior Court, a point lost on Uncle Festner. It is unlikely that Attorney Festner argues for muslim clients their contractual and religious right to have four wives.

Frivolous, meritless, vexatious, pointless litigation is eschewed by courts, but happily entertained for the jew and the jew attorneys. Why not argue to carve out an exception to the absolute discretion of divorce court for the jew, based on an ancient belief, in a land far, far away, before the common era, anything is fair game for Rabbi Tilsen to cheat the mother of his four children out of $60k/yr in alimony; rabbi is a true jew!! Loves shekels more than children’s mother! Attorney Festner argues that jewish law is nor ‘religious’ law, it is seculare law, as word-salad supplants legal foundation. Rabbinical law empowers the holy man to cast mother out on the street, devoid of spiritual context, like an old pair of shoes, trash from the basement, the shining colors of the ‘religious’ faith that promotes fucking over anyone and everyone, including mothers. His children must be so proud. Oi vey!

Read frivolous rabbinical brief here.

Blog cannot make this shit up!

Editor’s Note:  The Connecticut jewdiciary will bar a mother from pleading to hug the fruit of her womb, while Nigger Boy Robinson takes up frivolous complaints of religious exceptions, while violating the Fourth Commandment of the Catholic faith on a daily basis, in destruction of mother-child bonds, a protected liberty interest. Nigger Boy can’t spell Constitution, works solely for his jew masters.

A rabbi and his jew lawyer, frivolously pleading constitutional exception for ancient history of chosen ones … jewish law is not religious!!