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Mother Fuckers!

The now-famous Blog spotlights three jews of Michigan’s ruling elite, shrouded in black robes on the appellate court, sitting high above the Constitution, ruling from the talmud on the best way to fuck over mothers. The disregard for due process in protection of fundamental liberties by family court jews is well known, the ideological construct to defame Mother Mary is less obvious. Jews hate Mother Mary, which shows in rabbinical ruling of Judges David Sawyer, Jane Markey, and Brock Swartzle in Jansen v Jansen. Another mother stripped of custody of her children for failure to adhere to unpublished jewdicial standards of behavior, normally protected by the Bill of Rights, but suspended when a paedo dad has use for young girls.

The standards applied by the three court jews are beyond state interest.  The Michigan AG did not petition that mom was unfit or that the kids were in danger, there are no criminal charges, but when it was over, another mother had been stripped of custody of the children she birthed … oi vey, the jews have tricks! Blog legal department analyzed the fabricated child snatching of Sawyer, Markey, Swartzle, which reveals the court does not like what mom discusses with her kids, that the court does not like that mother might cuss, that the jewdiciary applies an ‘appropriateness’ standard to mother-child conversations, where ‘inappropriate’ conversation is cause to strip mom of custody. The jewdiciary knows what is best, better than a mother. Nothing published, no state standards, no lexicon of ‘inappropriateness’, but when the jews want to traffic children for dark pleasures of a paedo monster, then everything mom does becomes inappropriate. Blog legal scholars note this body of jewish law hides in the shadows, labelled best interest, but holds no basis in protection of fundamental liberties … fuck mothers, fuck Mother Mary, jews have no love of mothers, just breeders for paedo sex toys, a jewish delicacy. Only jews find stripping children from parents a cause on the irrelevant fact that two goy are no longer married, giving the jewish state power to destroy the family completely … a jewish delicacy.

The telltale paedo smell emanates from the custody agreement of dad Jonathon Jansen of Plymouth, Michigan and mother Martha Jansen, joint custody, parenting plan, accepted by the court as stipulated in the best interest of the kids … wonderful, parents of four children working things out in 2018. But then Jonathon can’t stick to his agreement, he must have sole custody, complete control of kids; Lucy, Ruby, Ellie, Jack. cut mom out of the lives of the fruits of her womb; sound familiar? Money is spent on jewish lawyers who bring dad’s motion before a ‘referee’ who hears all dad’s bullshit and promptly denies his claim for a momectomy, which should be game over, but paedos make money on kid control, so Jonathon fights on, with help of course. He ends up before jew paedo master Judge Valerie K. Snyder, a childless moron, who hates mothers, hates her own mother, hates Mother Mary, devours children to feed her evil appetite of childhood rape. Judge Snyder shits upon the referee recommendation to leave the agreement of the parents in place, not to entertain Jonathan’s inability to abide by his own agreement, grants paedo daddy a ‘de novo’ hearing where he and his paedo cunt lawyer attack mother in all ways unimaginable, everything mother has ever done is now presented to Judge Snyder as excuse to rip her kids out of her life … Snyder is fingering herself with pleasure of character assassination, under the bench! Then BOOM! momectomy applied, childhood destroyed, another kill for the jews. Of course dad has money, his cunt Attorney Ryan Kelly, a pal of the judge, insider to the family bar, all services purchased, absent state interest, absent best interests, shekels for lawyers, and the jewdicial authority. Ryan works at mummy and daddy’s law firm of Kelly&Kelly along with her brother, family law expert,s and pals of Judge Snyder who only practiced family law prior to becoming a judge, dumb cunts always end up in family law, it is the bottom of the legal barrel.  Connect the dots … how kids are trafficked!!!

Blog finds jew law professor’s commentary applauding momectomy absent state interest, in denial of fundamental liberty protections, to be talmudic. Eugene Volokh a jew of grand self-importance, who never practiced law a day in his life, but clerked for Justice Sandra Day-O’Connor, blasphemes her opinion in Troxel v Granville, which prevents Michigan’s talmudic courts from stripping a mother of custody on ‘discretion’ of the jewdicial authority.  Volokh is a jew’s jew, using his bully pulpit at UCLA Law to defeat SCOTUS rulings … Gene is a jerk.

See how the jews work?  Fundamental liberty interest in the mother-child bond, thwarted by jewdicial discretion, no due process, no equal protection, no state interest, just a private bludgeoning of motherhood by unscrupulous state actors, Sandra be dammed, SCOTUS is irrelevant to rabbinical courts ruling from the talmud for the destruction of goy motherhood…so jewish!

Jews trafficking kids, cunt Ryan Kelly, pays local Judge Valerie Snyder, laugh to the bank, while jews of the appellate court uphold purchased discretion, Brock Swartzle delivers, mother fuckers all.

Jewish nutjob, UCLA Law professor, self-appointed expert on fucking over mothers, outside the rule of law, devoid of state interest, in defiance of Justice O’Connor’s rulings … a jew’s jew.

Editor’s Note:  The jewdiciary blamed Ellie’s obesity solely on mother, dad had concerns, but it was all mom’s fault that their 11 year old daughter was 5′ 5″ at 235 lbs.  See how the jews work?  Below is the text from the jewdicial motherfuckers who fabricate blame on the mother.

First, there was record evidence that Ellie was overweight, her weight gain had a significant effect on her life, and that mother did not take adequate steps to address Ellie’s weight issue. In July 2020, Ellie weighed 179 pounds and stood five-foot-three, but by the time of the evidentiary hearing, Ellie was 220 pounds and was five-feet six-inches tall. At the time of the trial court hearing in December 2021, Ellie weighed 235 pounds. Her clothes no longer fit and were uncomfortable; she developed a rash on the insides of her legs from their rubbing together, and she became winded after walking up a flight of stairs. Although Ellie stopped participating in sports and after-school activities in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic and in part because she broke her leg, mother did not subsequently re-enroll her in these activities. Ellie also experienced back pain from her weight. Mother took her to a doctor, who prescribed orthotics for her shoes to address her back pain, but after Ellie outgrew the orthotics, mother never replaced them, and father stepped in to obtain new orthotics. In addition, even though mother took Ellie to a nutritionist, she made this appointment to address possible inflammation caused by Ellie’s diet, not because of her significant weight gain. Finally, there was evidence that plaintiff had been concerned since 2018 about Ellie’s weight gain, but when he raised the issue to defendant, she dismissed his concerns.

In the rabbinical court of mother fuckers, Ellie’s weight problems were all mom’s fault, Jon Jansen, a former NFL linebacker is a saint, not his DNA in Ellie at all!!!!  Poor Ellie.  Jon Jansen is not up for father of the year award.


Momectomy complete.