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Bumbling Bellis

The now-famous Blog, all seeing worst kind, highlights bumbling Barbara Bellis, a jewdicial excuse of a human, devoid of brains, unable to grasp simple concepts of American jurisprudence, being a stain on the Republic, worthy of having her chimney pots painted black, along with a bath of tar and feathers. Bumbling Barbara usurps unconstitutional powers, assuming combined rolls of accuser, judge, jury, and executioner; clipping the great grey ponytail, who we all know and love as Norm Pattis, the most villainized zealous advocate in gulag Connecticut. Barb d’blunder issues an illegal order, citing PB 13-5, but failing to read the details, claiming to protect plaintiffs’ tender feelings from scrutiny of defamation induced harm (a.k.a. free expression) is cause to conceal … a no no, abhorred by Anglo-American distrust for secret tribunals. Barb d’buffoon fucks up, but refuses to admit her twisted application of practice rule voids due process, proving her bias & prejudice against NORM! shielding her beloved crisis actors from scrutiny suffered by all little folk who use the court. Protecting sensitive feelings of plaintiffs seeking damages is not criteria to conceal evidence of harm suffered by the actors … not due process, not a litigation rule, just another example of why Barb d’boob should not be on the bench, proving she cannot administer justice, while running a scam trial directed by federal propaganda, authorized under NDAA of 2012.  Old news for Blog fans and Second Amendment proponents.

Now for the circular, off point arguments, between Barb d’bozzo and the appellate court. NORM! invokes his 5th Amendment right to remain silent while being chastised by Barb d’bitch, who finds silence an admission of guilt, being illegal, maligning a citizen for exercising constitutionally protected rights, which ordinary folks find instant cause for Barb d’banal disqualification, for federal criminal conduct under 18 USC §242, … ouch! Barb d’bonehead violates due process, disbars NORM!, who immediately asks Barb d’betrayer to stay her illegal order to allow Judge Not-So-Bright’s Star Chamber to sort it out. Call it adult supervision. Barb d’boner promptly denies request, failing to uphold justice, wielding her smelly tampon in bloody wrath from her bully pulpit, forcing NORM! to ask Judge Not-So-Bright’s court for help, where Barb d’bleeding is ordered to ‘articulate’ factual and legal basis for denial of stay. Barb d’bingo regurgitates her NORM! focused character assassination tossing bullshit up to the high court, failing to make any sensible argument, just argle bargle from Barb’s bowels, as instructed by her masters, deferring to opposition filed by miscreant state paycheck sponge Brian Staines, chief jewdicial hatchet man, chopping up lawyers jews don’t like. She again alludes to ‘protected medical records’, an absolute lie; now claiming there is actual harm, but no specifics, citing again potential for harm, without specifying potential harm, other than suggesting hurt feelings of character actors, feigning pain and agony for bad acting on a national stage. Barb d’banana skirts due process claiming the COURT has broad discretion in bludgeoning NORM! but refuses to admit the accusing judge does not have discretion to try fact and impose punishment, controlled by state law §51-84 : 90, a due process requirement for which she lacks authority to usurp. Barb d’bull just does not get how law works, or that her powers are limited by the sovereign people acting thru the legislature, limits by statute. Hats off to Barb d’belligerent for upholding opposition opinion of Brian Staines as articulated cause for denying stay of an illegal order; Brian d’clown must feel impotent:

As a selfgoverning body we owe a duty to the public to timely address lawyer misconduct. NORM’s conduct has harmed the legal profession and the publics view of the legal profession.  It is important for the public, and most importantly SandyHoaxsters to have faith their personal information will be properly safeguarded.

Barb d’blown does not realize she is headed for federal court on violation of the 14th Amendment, her opinion that NORM! will be unsuccessful on appeal is irrelevant, relief lies with an Article III judge, under the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, where Congress mandated federal courts deal with tyrants like Barb Bellis for deprivation of rights under color of errant jewdicial practice rules in defiance of state law, co-conspirators Staines, as well.

Editor’s Note:  The comedy of Connecticut Jewdiciary is becoming unbearable, copy staff are overwhelmed with reports of  actions of miscreants in black robes, providing more reason to impeach head clown Richard Robinson.

Judge Barbara Bellis citing errant opinion of Brian Staines as fact to deny stay of disbarment of NORM! Blind leading the blind, shredding the constitution for jewdicial goal of clipping a ponytail.

For Blog insomniacs, read Brian Staines directed bullshit opinions to disbar NORM! here and here; read Judge Bellis’ decision on clipping the ponytail here; read NORM’s request for stay here; read Staines opposition to stay here; read Bellis fuk u order here, merely upholding Staine’s objection; read appellate order for Bellis to articulate her shit here; read Bellis’ bullshit articulation here; citing Staines’ opposition. Read NORM’s writ of error here. Yes folks, this is Connecticut, a sad, pitiful place, where nobody wants to be. Judges are shit, law does not apply.