Adelman Unglued!

The Dark Lord has come unglued! Judge Gerard Adelman appeared more than distraught in yesterday’s Ambrose hearing. It appears that he is in trouble with the state pedo ring for failing to deliver on Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer, while drawing too much public attention to the jewish efforts of draining the family bank. Adelman ranted about the publicity and berated mom’s lawyer in a nonsensical barrage for no legal purpose. To the casual observer, Adelman is scared. He cancelled all pending trial dates, issued a flurry of temporary orders, keeping the kids isolated from mom, then ended the session in a huff.

The now-famous blog speculates that the Ambrose case will soon fall apart and that Adelman will be off the bench. A spectacular display of jewdicial misconduct has caught up with Connecticut. An enlightened society cannot allow jews like Aldrich, Hurwitz, Grossman, and Adelman to peddle children for deviant pleasures while extorting family bank. Purposeless and protracted litigation by the jew judge club of family court is a criminal racketeering operation, which may have caught federal attention. Highly unlikely as the feds in Connecticut enjoy raping children as much as Adelman and his synagogue pals. Did the Governor intervene? Perhaps to ask why his donut whores in clown costumes of the State Police cannot protect three little brown kids from jew pedo dick? Highly doubtful as Lamont is a puppet of similar masters. So who spooked Adelman?

Blog bookies have odds that the mother’s application for injunctive relief filed in civil court against the Governor and his cronies has teeth. The internal conflict between real jurists and the clowns of family court is coming to a head; a judge war. The word is out that injunctive relief will be granted to end Adelman’s shit show and send a warning to all family court judges that these theatrics will stop. Adelman knew the injunction is coming, so he shut down the trial, froze everything and will never take the bench in a family matter again.

Stay tuned, this will only get worse.

Who will save the children?