Aldrich Speak

Attorney Nancy Aldrich displays her jewish ability to speak word salad in response to Judge Adelman’s request to disqualify himself. The jewish practice of family law pursues only money, nothing to do with best thoughts for children or application of goy constitutional principles.

Quick recap of the Ambrose drama is that Judge Robert Shapiro of Hartford Civil Court has an application for injunctive relief to protect Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from the state abuse which keeps them isolated from their mother, for no state interest. Judge Bernadette Conway has shelved an abuse petition in protection of the kids in juvenile court, stating not my problem. AG Tong does not give a fuck about kids. Family court judges Jane Grossman and Gerard Adelman keep the children isolated from mother since April 2020 on recommendation of Dr. Jessica Caverly who claims that abuse by isolation is a form of unpublished therapy of witchcraft to cure mother’s undiagnosed mental defect. Big black dumb DCF Commissioner Vanessa Dorante turns a blind eye to child abuse under direction of jew GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz. Pedo, deviant monster Christopher Ambrose relishes in his demented abuse of children, keeping them prisoner at 381 Horse Pond Road in Madison under thin blue pedo protection of town police chief and fellow pedophile Jack Dunn. The administrative no-fault divorce has dragged on for 865 days, the children have been isolated from mom for 565 days. Jew judges have a way of dragging things out and harming kids, while bleeding family bank. Pretty much why no one likes kikes.

Earlier this month Judge Adelman threw in the towel on the purposeless protracted jewish rape of the family bank, by asking Judge Moukawsher to decide on disqualifying his dumb ass from further fucking up the kids. Moukawsher should have DQ’d Adelmonster on the spot, as the judiciary is well aware that he should not be on the bench and should be kept away from children. But Moukawsher being a judicial moron, drags out the matter requesting input from jew nut job Nancy Aldrich who cannot badmouth fellow jew Adelman, so she attacks mom’s lawyer. The pleading is hilarious. The matter before the court is child abuse by the court and Nancy attacks mother’s lawyer, says nothing about fellow jew Jocelyn Hurwitz, the GAL, nothing about jew Judge Jane Grossman, nothing about jew psychobabble quackster Jessica Caverly, and not one mention of how much money the jews are making from destruction of childhood. Totally jewish practice of law. What the goy call criminal conduct: racketeering.

Read Nancy’s pleading here and sworn affidavit here. The question is on disqualifying Adelman for being a bad judge who abuses children by isolation, violation of Canon, a question he raised himself in his own order. Aldrich attacks opposing counsel’s motion to disqualify, when it was an order of Adelman himself to ask Moukawsher to decide disqualification, not really an arguable matter when Adelmonster is asking another judge for his opinion. Litigant counsel opinion just does not matter. But Nancy is a jew and is making good money writing like a chicken on behalf of her pedo client. (notice she can’t even type)

Any state employee who misuses official powers to deny a child love and affection of a mother is disqualified … Adelman included, but a jew will argue that the goy kids deserve the punishment, regardless of the will of a sovereign people. Ficeto, Schofield, Wetstone, Grossman, Connors, Prestley, Suarez, Solomon are all kikes who relish in destroying parent-child bonds under color of dissolution law … it is what jews do to the goy. It is how they make money. Nancy is just playing her jewish role by attacking goy counsel for not playing along in the game of how family court lawyers rape family bank.

Jew Nancy makes claim that the necessity to disqualify Adelmonster is not in GOOD FAITH. The now-famous Blog notes the application of FAITH by a jew to be humourous. What FAITH upholds trafficking children like four legged calves of their four legged parents? What ‘faith’ denies mother’s hugs and affections? JEWISH ‘faith’ is the only form of faith that preaches destruction of Christian families. Of course, Christian Parental Militia holds faithful rights in the Second Amendment, powder and shot, to protect children, while Nancy is making trigger fingers itch. Does she beg a .50 cal to the head? Is there a red SUV in her future?

Nancy is such a pathetic lawyer, that after blaming all her ill-gotten profits in the Ambrose case on opposing counsel, she asks Moukawsher to reimburse her for fees to write her thirteen pages of bullshit … something which the court has no power to order. Nancy the Queen Jew of Westport asks the court to give her money, for which the Catholic judge of the court cannot do …. a jew’s jew. Gimme money, the jew’s true god!!!

The Blog’s legal department notes that Judge Adelman proceeded in trial without deciding the motion in limine, #263, filed in February, which AJ Thomas J. Welch of Bridgeport JD refused to hear, ordering Adelman to take it up, which he refused to do, which creates an instant mistrial and disqualification of Adelman. Moukawsher has a very easy decision to make. Tune in tomorrow at 10am. See invite below:

Join Moukawsher’s DQ hearing on your computer or mobile app. 1 December at 10am EST.

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Beware the jews of family court, they love pain and suffering along with the money it makes for them. Grossman, Adelman, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Caverly … all jewish.