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Shred Moukawsher

Time for the now-famous Blog to dismantle the jewdicial dicta opined by Judge Thomas Moukawsher in his drivel that Judge Adelman should not be kicked off the Ambrose case. A clown like Moukawsher should not be allowed to decide matters involving children.

The interested Blog aficionado can refer to the Memo of Decision of 10 December. It is poorly written, lacks legal purpose, and is replete with viewpoint discrimination, in violation of Canon.

Moukawsher is handed a sua sponte action by Judge Adelman on the subject of recusal in the Ambrose case. It is a PB §1-22(b) procedure to address Adleman’s need for recusal given an injunctive suit filed in civil court for the protection of kids Mia, Matthew,and Sawyer, who are being abused by misconduct of Adelman and Grossman. The simple answer is YES, recusal is requisite. Adelman has acted outside of judicial function requiring recusal under Canon, Rule 2.11. Moukawsher fucks up this simple task in protection of children by demanding mother’s counsel bring forth a motion to disqualify Adelman under PB §1-23. The two practice rules are not even related, the first is an action by a judge, the second is a motion by a litigant. Moukawsher is too retarded to understand rules of practice. Shithead cannot even spell ‘due process’.

The entire State of Connecticut has nothing nice to say about family court and its jewish vultures. It is an embarrassment to a sovereign people. There is no rule of law, just broad jewdicial discretion to fuck up families and steal money. Judge Adelman and his jewish pals live off of the pain and suffering inflicted by jewish philosophy on the goy. It is their sole purpose at bar. Moukawsher demanded a motion why Adelman should be disqualified, which was produced under the protections of the First Amendment’s redress clause. Moukawsher’s opinion demonstrates his failure to recognize he got what he asked for, and that his opinion/ruling is mere jewdicial retaliation, viewpoint discrimination, poorly cloaked in a court finding. Moukawsher is a domestic terrorist in need of reckoning to preserve the integrity of the court.

The opinion starts out with poorly worded gloss that he declares there is no jewish conspiracy in the family court. Litigants who have suffered through the denial of fundamental liberties before the chosen in black robes know otherwise. The construction of the absolute discretionary totalitarian rule in family matters is jewish. The forced isolation of Mia, Mathew, and Sawyer from their mother is prima facie grounds to disqualify Adelman. But Moukawsher deceptively states that zealous advocacy of mom’s lawyer is the ‘biggest problem in this case’. Blog suggests a ruling like that from the bench will attract .50 cals.

Moukawsher goes beyond judicial function in obscuring the fact that reasonable persons have been questioning the impartiality of Judge Adelman for years. Some reasonable persons are litigants, some are parents, some are regular citizens, and some are members of the General Assembly. Under Canon Rule 2.11, Adelman has duty to recuse himself. Isolating kids from mom gives the kike a hard-on, when he is not otherwise occupied pulling wings off of flies.

Moukawsher makes references to other religions, but fails to note that under Islamic law, infidels Adelman and Grossman violate the Prophet’s law in protection of children, beheading required. Mouk’s head would be similarly detached for supporting the jewish abuse of three children. No one would shed a tear. Mohammad does not gift children for the demonic pleasures of jews in family court. Moukawsher just pisses off the Prophet and begs his own demise. Allahu Akbar! Jihad now!

Moukawsher lies that Adelman is not biased against qualified individuals under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II. Motion #263 in the Ambrose case has been pending for a year. Judge Welch, AJ of Bridgeport failed to hear it, ordered Adelman to take it up before trial, which he refused. Jew Boy Adelman purposely ignored the motion in limine which called out the federal civil rights deprivation by Grossman in severing mother-child bonds, relying on opinion of jew Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD. In the jew family court, federal law is ignored, pleadings of deprivation of civil rights are not heard, the redress clause is gutted by kike discretion. Moukawsher can’t see the jewness before his bench, betraying the fact he his a jew puppet punishing a goy advocate under the talmudic edicts of a rabbinical court.

Moukawsher again whitewashes the misconduct of Adelman, ruling that he is impartial regarding mothers. Adelman’s reputation for abusing mothers is so pronounced that the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, William Tong, brought up this point in direct questioning at Adelman’s reappointment hearing. Tong who is now the AG, reasonably questioned Adelman’s impartiality, for which Canon requires disqualification. Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice, which does not happen when a judge’s reputation for misconduct makes it to the General Assembly. Face it folks, judicial Canons mean nothing to the kike court of Connecticut, simply deception played up on the goy.

Moukawsher goes on to lie, stating that DCF concluded Christopher Ambrose did not abuse the kids in any way. In reality, DCF expended public funds on Intensive Family Intervention Services to protect the children from paedo daddy to avoid placing the children in foster care. Moukawsher is such a shit, he cannot recognize that when a child is cutting herself, there is abuse, when Chris Ambrose forcibly isolates children from mom, it is child abuse. Or perhaps Moukawsher thinks cutting is just normal for goy children? There is need to remove Moukawsher and his twisted thinking from the bench. A .50 cal makes a fine kinetic child protection device; one less paedophile. A well regulated parental militia with bare arms may consider the poetic justice of 630 perforations of a demonic corpse, one for every day of isolation, the helicopter door gunner from Full Metal Jacket can assist.

The jewdicial mafia begs the destruction of the kike bench. Moukawsher tries to cover for Adelman’s jewness, only to expose the conspiracy of the judge club. His fabricated actions to discipline mother’s advocate betray his demonic allegiance. He ignores Canon in protection of a jew judge, then twists attorney disciplinary rules to crush a goy lawyer. Moukawsher has publicly disqualified himself from all matters involving children.

C’mon Mouk, don’t you realize the Blog sees through your shit?

Judges can be child abusers, door gunners can protect.
Free expression being the essence of self-government, a marketplace of ideas suggesting kikes not be allowed near children of Connecticut. Nazis loved children more.