Sen Haskell: Pedo?

What is the connection between the evil family court jew lawyer Nancy Aldrich and the young Senator William Haskell of the Connecticut General Assembly? Oh, the kid is the son of evil twisted mother Nancy. Blog smells a rat.

Goofy young jewish kid, barely out of college does a run for state senator against incumbent Toni Boucher, with endorsement from Barack Obama? Seriously? There is a obviously a jewish connection and a pedo connection at play. William Haskell is a kid, a little shit, quite unlikeable, a moron with a hatred for Trump. In full public view, three little brown kids are raped by the zealous advocacy of Haskell’s mother Attorney Nancy Aldrich of Westport. Yet he does nothing.

The now-famous blog spotlights the inbred pedo culture of Connecticut. Two idiots Nancy and Grant fuck each other, create little oops William in 1996. Certainly not a product of love, commitment or family devotion, little William is raised by nutjob mommy in Westport, growing up to be a whining left wing moron with a father hatred complex. Poor kid clings to the mother figure who is nothing more than the devil in human form. The blog notes that such a toddler holds no political cause and is elected to the state senate, solely on conspiracy of jews, pedophiles, and democrats.

Will the State Senate take up review of the atrocities in the Ambrose case where the court does whatever William’s doting mother requests to traffic three little kids? Will State Senator William Haskell take to the senate floor proclaiming that the lecherous lawyers of family court act outside the law? That jew judges betray the people’s will? That his loving mother is one such monster of family court, abusing children to pay his tuition at Georgetown? William Haskell is a jewish miscreant whose own mother rapes children to feed him. A state senator who lives with his mom? Is Haskell the secret male lover to Kevin Lembo?

Time to connect the dots. A powerful jew family court attorney, Nancy rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars from Christopher Ambrose, a homo pedo of epic proportions, gets her toddler deviant love child elected to the Connecticut senate with help from Senators Blumenthal (pedo) and Murphy (pedo), along with a Barack Obama endorsement. Jew-pedo-deviant-leftist-democrat conspiracy? Or just normal Connecticut pederasty politics? Is it rather strange that the jew pedophile deviant judges Hernandez, Grossman, and Adelman have granted every request of Attorney Nancy Aldrich over two years of protracted litigation? Is it not even a tad bit strange that jew Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz is ordered to sit, watch, and bill during thirty days of trial, for no legal purpose? Is it not strange that debenched, disgraced, judge Jane Emons is law partner to GAL Hurwitz? Is it not the least bit strange that the Ambrose bank is being bled dry for the sole benefit of jews for the sole purpose of harming children? Connect the dots and follow the money, the scam is obvious.

The now-famous blog tests the political disingenuous mettle of the young senator. Propose that the kid senator introduce a resolution to investigate the jewdicial misconduct of the Ambrose case. Is that not what mature, caring, thoughtful representatives of the people do in the American form of government? The horrors of Attorney Nancy Aldrich, Jocelyn Hurwitz and fellow jew Dr. Jessica Caverly played out before jew Judge Adelman hold national interest. Will the senator born from the womb of satan not champion the people’s cause to protect children? Surely this young kid who studied at the Jesuit college of Georgetown University holds cause for his 100,000 First Bosses to protect children. Right? Or is he just a child predator like his mother?

The jewish word salad of this kike senator makes the insincere claim: “Overall, my mother has set an amazing example for me, and her trials and triumphs as a single working Mom inform my agenda and spur me on to fight for amazing women and their children.” on the Westport Moms website. Is Karen Riordan not an amazing woman for her children? So amazing that Senator Haskell’s mother must rape their childhoods? What sinister family cult are these Aldrichs and Haskells? A mother and a son only the jews of Westport can be proud of!!

Jew judges of family court orchestrate a scam to bleed the Ambrose family for ridiculous and unnecessary fees that flow to attorney pockets. Money laundering under the guise of divorce court, simple racketeering. From Nancy’s pocket it goes to fund the jew toddler state senator, who does not have a real job, other than to manipulate the government of the goy to the agenda of the chosen. From Jocelyn’s pocket it goes to support the unemployed disgraced jew, Judge Jane Emons, while supporting the jews of the miserable law firm of Cohen&Wolf. The price that Christopher Ambrose pays to protect his pedophile ways is set by the court, extensive litigation to fund the jews in their continued destruction of an enlightened society. The jews throw Mia, Matthew, Sawyer, and their mother under the kike bus to provide funding for jewish players in Corrupticut. The roles of Grossman and Adelman are obvious. Follow the money.

Editor’s Note: In observance of Veteran’s Day, warriors did not die to let the jews of family court rape children, but veteran’s will standby and watch their rapists die in the name of justice and liberty for all. Tyranny begs its own destruction.

The devil and her spawn

The jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers. -Cicero