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Willie Haskell

The pissant little jew piece of shit out of Westport, state senator Willie Haskell is ending his playtime in the General Assembly by announcing he will not run for re-election in 2022. Rather he is going to law school so he can be a deviant lawyer to practice lucrative family court law like his evil mother Nancy Aldrich.

Willie Haskell explained that his calling is not politics. As a jew, he worships the money god where faith demands getting into the jewish club of family court lawyers and judges, being the most lucrative option available. Haskell remarked that his mother made so much money off of Christopher Ambrose in two short years, that it is uneconomical to stay in the senate, as there are so many pedophiles with bank who need the jewish touch of the administration of law to properly rape children.

Willie Haskell is in awe of his mother’s legal skills, the ability to charge $600/hr or more for selling inside influence to fellow jews in black robes, working with the support of other jewish lawyers to maximize draining family savings into private jewish pockets, not to mention the ability to employ other jew whores to declare mother’s crazy! Haskell hopes to make a financial killing from destroying innocent childhoods under the guise of dissolution law, by being a chosen player in the family court. “What my mom did to Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer is truly remarkable, the money is plentiful and easy. I can’t wait to be part of such familial destruction.” says Haskell. “My mother has shown me my true path, it is what I was born to do.”

The evil Aldrich and her deviant spawn Haskell

Editor’s Note: One less jew involved in state government is a good thing.