Another nutjob of Connecticut jurisprudence rules against laughing up a storm over a federal psy-op aimed at eliminating the Second Amendment. Judge Barbara Bellis follows the fed script attacking the First Amendment and punishing those who express disbelief with the poorly executed propaganda drama known to a gullible nation as Sandy Hook. Obey, believe, conform, kneel, or be punished.

What if the goy of the Connecticut Gulag laugh at the children’s bedtime story of six million chosen people gassed while showering in gypsum pellets? What if critical historians opine that Pearl Harbor was not a ‘surprise’? That nuking two Japanese cities held no military purpose, but a war crime orchestrated by the same folks who funded the Bolshevik Revolution, who also invented no-fault divorce? Judge Barbara Bellis is just part of the goy mind control machine, muzzling expression, numbing free thought. Left behind by the failed Hillary political machine, where Barbara dutifully abused the Second Amendment for a ticket to the federal bench, which has long evaporated. Her present terrorism against the First Amendment is a desperate effort to restore good graces with the present chosen elite. Barbara Bellis is a terrorist in a black robe, working for the dark side to destroy the Bill of Rights, which makes her a blog star!

If there really was criminal conduct by mass shooting at Sandy Hook back in December 2012, then all the information about the crime scene would be in the domain of ‘we the people’. But it is not. Anyone need more proof of the hoax? Barbara Bellis lacks standing to attack a citizen for speculation about an event whose details are concealed from the people and the court itself. Sounds like a rabbinical court assailing the goy. Chris Mattei leads the jewish charge, where even the jews of the Hartford Courant write to spread the propaganda on the goy.

Strangeness abounds when it is discussed that Oswald did not shoot JFK, but that Alex Jones is punished for suggesting Lanza did not shoot up Sandy Hook. Stranger still to think of Bellis as a judge.

Barbara Bellis betrays her malicious role in punishing the non-believers by denying the defendants’ ability to file for dismissal of the three suits. How do plaintiffs know what Adam did on the morning of 12 December ’12? Do the plaintiffs have more information than ‘we the people’? How can there be defamation where the populace holds no evidence of a mass murder by a skinny little shy kid of psychological disorder, incapable of tying his shoes, a virgin to blood and gore, but with mechanical precision, blows away twenty kids at point blank range, 150 shots, 6 misses, no earplugs, then methodically blows his own brains out? Any pictures? Any blood? Or just a script? The now-famous blog finds the mechanics of the script writers incredulous. Putting 5 bullets into an elementary school student drops the kid to the ground on the first shot, then four more shots fired into the body while on the ground, but no blood on the carpet? Why would the shooter put four bullets into a dead kid lying on the ground? Script error? Four shots to every victim on the ground from short little shooter with a thirty inch rifle would have put blood splatter all over Adam’s pant legs. Photo?

If the court of Barbara Bellis wants the people to believe the hoax, why not just order the hoaxsters to release all the evidence of the crime? Simple. A people’s right under the First Amendment. After all, who orders pizza at a crime scene? Or a truckload of port-o-potties?

Will the people’s revolt unleash a .50 cal to the head? Another shot heard around the world? Judge Bellis only has herself to blame.

Tyranny begs its own destruction.

Cast of characters in a charade
Chris Mattei, tool of the jew, enemy of the people.
Mass shooting, 20 dead children, let’s order pizza!!! Dead children create crowd munchies. Oops, script error.