What does a jewish pedophile GAL call it when the State places a 72 hour protective hold on three sex toys? EMERGENCY! The now-famous Blog cannot make this shit up! The players are pedo child trafficker Christopher Ambrose, his jewish Attorney Nancy Aldrich, jewish GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, and jew dyke pedo Judge Jane Grossman.

The scenario is simple. Detective William DeGoursey of Madison Police figures out that Christopher Ambrose is up to no good with Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. Kids become subject of a restraining order for protection against pedo dad issued by Judge Boreland, end up being examined by child abuse professionals at Children’s Hospital, who don’t like what they are seeing, make mandatory report to DCF, procedures are followed, the executive branch takes immediate control of the matter, exercising state powers of child protection seizing control of the children for protection. Simple, normal state function applied to protect kids from predators like Chris Ambrose. Let the professionals of child protection sort everything out, that is the purpose of DCF and proper application of parens patriae powers … until jew Jocelyn Hurwitz raises the jewish overreach of her fellow pedophiles.

Once Attorney Hurwitz realizes DCF has thrown a wrench in her finely orchestrated rape of childhood and plundering of family bank, she declares an EMERGENCY! An Emergency for the safety of the kids! An urgent matter requiring the divorce court’s attention! The jewish drama is palpable. The gravy train for jew lawyers risks being derailed when the truth of child abuse by pedo dad comes out. The state has seized the kids for their safety, but jew Jocelyn Hurwitz, an attorney subject to the rules of professional conduct claims that their is an urgent matter for a divorce court? C’mon, who is lying? See Jocelyn’s declaration to jew Judge Grossman here. The executive branch of government takes the children into protective custody and the GAL in the divorce matter cries foul, running to a jew judge to undo the evil state action? Undo process, funded by the generosity of Christopher Ambrose who has Jocelyn on a $400/hr leash along with jew pal Attorney Nancy Aldrich on a $600/hr leash. Amazing how the jews of family court conspire to defeat the power of the sovereign itself for a few shekels. Jew Judge Grossman grants every jewish wish to obtain her under the bench commission.

The drama is epic. Grossman holds an EMERGENCY hearing late in the evening under pretense of divorce to thwart the evil State actions of protecting Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from pedo dad. The kvetching is palpable. Bad police, bad medical professionals, bad DCF, everyone is bad. Only jew Judge Grossman’s orders are good! Children must be isolated from their mother!! Jewish mafia of Grossman’s court will not allow a state agency to interfere with jewish child trafficking. The violations of due process, equal protection, separation of powers, lack of subject matter jurisdiction are blatant, but fuck the law, this is jewish court, Talmud rules over all goy, including the Governor’s agencies. See how jews work the system? Blatant violation of jurisdictions, lack of power, but guess what happens … Grossman issues orders to empower the jew GAL to retrieve the children from State custody and return the little play toys to the singular imprisonment of pedo Christopher Ambrose, while reinforcing jew Grossman’s order that the kids will not have hugs from mom. A very jewish page of the pedo playbook in divorce court … a momectomy.

Blog herein highlights some good jewish shit from the transcript of Grossman’s court of child pederasty. Grossman admits to granting the EMERGENCY status conference, only because jew Jocelyn Hurwitz is having a panic attack on losing control of the sex toys. Hurwitz reports she got the police involved, who got DCF involved, who would not allow the kids to return to pedo dad. Pedo daddy even told jew Grossman that the kids had been examined by Hartford Children’s Hospital, who had to make a mandatory report to DCF because of daddy’s misconduct. Jew tag team of Nancy and Jocelyn demanded sanctions against mom’s attorney because the State child protective services had control of the kids, not jew Grossman. Jew Hurwitz reports that she contacted jew Dr. Jessica Caverly, the custody evaluator for ADVICE on what to do when the State figures out daddy is abusing the kids. Jew Caverly’s response was to keep the kids isolated from mom, give them back to dad and don’t let DCF get involved or the entire jewish trafficking operation may be exposed! Caverly states that the kids will be damaged by mother and must be returned to the father, ignoring the fact that DCF has exercised control over the sex toys. Jew Hurwitz then asks jew Grossman for sanctions against mother, because the State seized the kids. (see the jew logic there). Hurwitz demands that the kids be returned to ‘therapy’ in the control of pedo daddy (more brainwashing). Hurwitz obscures the fact that the State has control of the kids, not the divorce court; jewish deception. Jew Nancy Aldrich asks Grossman for an order to have the police seize the kids from State control, and have immediate therapy to erase the idea that daddy is a pedo and the kids are sex toys (more brainwashing). Nancy then demands payment of jew legal fees from mom and sanctions against opposing counsel because the State seized the kids. (jews never forget the $$$). Jew Jocelyn then spoke for jew Dr. Horowitz, who was ready to provide more therapy and get the kids away from the State, who might figure out the abuse by pedo daddy, the guy with control of all the family money that pays all the jews. Pedo daddy repeated that the mother of the kids is not supposed to hug them, or see them, or talk to them, as it is a jewish court order (of no state interest). Next jew Grossman gets really pissed that mom’s lawyer states the divorce court has no jurisdiction over the kids, the kids had been seized by the State in name of child protection. The divorce court cannot interfere with a criminal investigation. Grossman is told the drama was initiated by a Detective of Madison Police. Now Grossman is really pissed, realizing the kids might escape her sinister pedo plans. Grossman starts yelling at mom’s counsel. Comical back and forth ensues. Three jew cunts screeching over the fact that the State has seized the kids, quoting two jewish psychologists that the State must not interfere, and that the kids should go to therapy with a jew … hilarious. Jew Jocelyn gives a wink and asks that she contact DCF to ‘inform’ the Middletown office how to dispose of the matter. The hilarious error of jew Grossman was that she was addressing a child abuse investigation in open court on the record, then produced a transcript for public review. Rather improper, even for a jew’s court. Jew Jocelyn then released the super secret Caverly ‘forensic custody evaluation‘ which got to the public, where later jew Nancy would claim mother released the report, pleading contempt to jew Judge Adelman. Hilarious. Like high school girls in a hate clique, smoking in the girls room talking bad about the pretty girl Just jew cunts pretending they are professionals in a court of law … jews raping childhood. In conclusion, jew Judge Grossman has no power over kids not joined in suit in their parents divorce matter, when the State seizes them to protect them from pedo daddy Chris Ambrose, that is beyond reach of a dissolution action. But jews before the bench get the jew on the bench to toss out all semblance of due process and rule of law … a jewish racket to protect their pedophile pals and make a buck.

The Ambrose saga continues. Judge Moukawsher has suspended the trail, 36 days before Adelman wasted, initiated disciplinary attacks on mom’s lawyer, kids remain imprisoned in pedo daddy’s house at 381 Horse Pond Road in Madison, DCF was run off by the jew GAL, the Attorney General ignores the abuse, protection case in juvey is on the shelf, being ignored by jew Judge Conway, allowing childhood rape to proceed, no hugs from mom in 610 days, infliction of childhood trauma for the sole benefit of jew wallets held by Attorney Nancy Aldrich, Attorney Jocelyn Hurwitz, Judge Jane Grossman, Judge Gerard Adelman, Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, PhD, Dr. Robert Horowitz, PhD and for pedo Christopher Ambrose, who will even steal Christmas from his own children, just like a jew.

Lesson for all: keep kids away from jews!