Nigger Robinson

The black man in the black robe is at it again.  Nigger Judge Richard A. Robinson, chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court is making up new law on direction from his masters; the jews that run Corrupticut.  The spade and his six crackers will face review by the Supreme Court of the United States for their fuckery of the First Amendment.  In the land… Read MoreNigger Robinson »

Couloute The Whiner

The guy who needs to break mother’s bones to prove his manliness, Matthew Condel Couloute is now taking on the First Amendment.  Couloute holds law licenses in NY and CT, pretends he knows the law and generally runs around screaming about legal matters for which he is clueless.  Rather than be a good daddy, pay child support, follow court orders, act like a grown up,… Read MoreCouloute The Whiner »

The Famous Blog

The famous blog has a new home.  

The Mad Doctor is: IN

Mad Dr. Shawn Tittle is so delusional as to believe Dr. Laura Choi is the mother of his two children. Real mom erased.

Greaseball Angelo Farenga

How Angelo Farenga of Watertown conspires with child traffickers to swindle the state and the feds. Inside player of dirty greasey variety.

Spotlight: Watertown Police

How the Watertown Police ignore the rule of law in attack on rights of citizens. Uneducated thuggery funded by We The People. Harassment by cop.

Fuckery Dismissed!

Connecticut pedo players dismiss the felony charges against baby momma.

Three Ring Circus

When the lawyers even admit Family Court is a three ring circus. The judge is the ring master.