Publicity: Price Of Litigation

Drama continues with Mr. Couloute.  Mr. Matthew Conel Couloute, Jr. Esq.  PUBLIC NOTICE is given!  This Commissioner of the Superior Cesspool has a private interest which he claims overrides the public interest in family court proceedings.  The ding dong has filed a motion to close the courtroom from public scrutiny of judicial favoritism and child trafficking.

Practice Book rule §25-59, states courtroom closure “only if the judicial authority concludes that such order is necessary to preserve an interest which is determined to override the public’s interest in attending such proceeding.”  A drama this good the clerks will be selling popcorn.

Can anyone guess the overriding interest the court has to shut out the public?  This soap opera involves a father who lives in Georgia, a mother who lives in New York, an allegedly sexually abused little girl who is in the protective custody of NY social services, with no child support order.  Not to mention Governor Malloy had mom arrested and extradited in an effort to get the kid back in state.   So why is the hispanic goofball Jose Suarez accepting filings from a resident of Georgia?

Will Kevin Kane drop the false charges sworn to by K9 Brendan Danaher, under direction of Bloomfield Police Chief Paul Hammick for a Georgia resident fraudulently using a Connecticut driver’s license showing an address in Fairfield, while concealing the Georgia license?  Will ‘spicball Suarez admit that the NY court told him on the record that Couloute lives in Georgia?  Will old battle axe, retired Judge Annie Dranginis be there to threaten everyone with a lawsuit for speaking truths about Couloute?  Will deviant dykoid Elizabeth Bozzuto dare show her face, as her file is sealed by unequal law.  Will play pal Ryan McQuigan provide representation?  Will Judge Omar Williams chime in?  Gail Hardy?  Will Erie County Sheriff’s have Couloute’s felony perjury arrest warrant executed before the hearing?  Will California family court be the tie breaker by serving Couloute at his Georgia address, taking up the custody issue on his other kid?  Will there be butter and salt on the popcorn at 90 Washington Street on Tuesday 29 August at 9:30?  Sno-caps?  Chewy baby dragon gummy swords?

Stay tuned sports fans, there will be standing room only to hear Judge Suarez rule why Couloute’s shit is better than yours.  As Judge Lynda Munro ruled:  Publicity is the price you pay for litigation.   Time for this clown to pay up.